How to Live Creatively Through the Divine Feminine: Tao Te Ching verse 6

The Divine Feminine: Tao Te Ching verse 6 week 8 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Tap into the Divine Feminine to live a more creative and inspired life.

The Sixth verse of the Tao Te Ching speaks to Living Creatively through the Divine Feminine. It reminds us of the Immense and Inexhaustible Creative energy that the Divine Feminine holds and that we can tap into it whenever we like.

There is a space within us, that if explored deeply enough, will reveal unlimited creativity! Look around at Mother Nature. She is ever Abundant, always birthing the most Amazing creations!

We can be just like her when we take the time to stop and listen. Without the mind chatter and incessant need to “make things happen”, if we can just relax and step into that flow of creative energy, it will reveal our most unique and one of a kind abilities, allowing us to embrace the very reason we exist.

 “Be creative— in your thoughts, in your feelings, and in all of your actions. Apply your own uniqueness to everything you undertake”
~ Wayne dyer

You don’t have to be a woman to connect with the Divine Feminine

Whether our bodies or genders are male or female, we All have the Divine Feminine within us. She speaks softly. You must get quiet to hear her sometimes, but she’s always there. Trust her.

Stop trying to direct and control everything in your life with your mind and just relax into the loving embrace of the Mother. Just as a loving Mother cherishes every little nuance of her newborn child and watches adoringly as they grow and learn, so should we cherish ourselves in all our uniqueness! We are literally “one of a kind” Co-Creating miracle machines!

From the great 14th century Sufi poet Hafiz…

“Just sit there right now Don’t do a thing Just rest. For your separation from God, From love, Is the hardest work In this World.”

Connect to the Divine Feminine and life flows with ease

No truer words could ever be spoken. When we divide ourselves and separate from each other, God and Love, life becomes as trying and painful as walking through a brier patch. However, when we allow Spirit to guide us, it’s as if our Fairy Godmother appears. Life flows easily and wishes are granted before we even knew we had them! Suddenly things just show up!

How many times have found yourself completely overwhelmed with frustration, banging your head so to speak, because you decided a certain path was “the way” and without introspection started bulldozing your way down it only to meet obstacle after obstacle?

We are all so determined to be independent, productive and successful that we forget to stop and ask for guidance. Only in our hour of complete exhaustion and despair do we cry out asking for help… Then, in that moment of surrender, we hear that soft, still voice encouraging us, taking our hand, and showing us the way.

“Whatever you feel within you as your calling— whatever makes you feel alive— know in your heart that this excitement is all the evidence you need to have your inner passion become reality. This is precisely how creation works . . . and it’s that energy that harmonizes with the Tao.” ~Wayne Dyer

The Divine Feminine helps you share your passion with the world

What makes your Heart Sing? We have all been given Amazing Gifts. Gifts that we were meant to share with the world. What is that one thing that you always wanted to do? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning with Excitement or keeps you up into the middle of night because you lose track of time and are enjoying yourself so much?

What is the thing that you would do whether you got paid or not? Do that thing! Ask the Divine Feminine to show you how to Co-Create that thing in your life and listen… then, find a way to use it to Serve others and you will become Unstoppable!

“You can feel this in your life: Events will take on a perfect momentum, a glorious cadence. You can feel it in your body: The energy will rise up in you in a thrilling crescendo, setting your very nerves aglow. You can feel it in your spirit: You will enter a state of such perfect grace that you will resound over the landscape of reality like ephemeral bird song. When Tao comes to you in this way, ride it for all that you are worth. Don’t interfere. Don’t stop. . . . Don’t try to direct it. Let it flow and follow it. . . . As long as the song lasts, follow. Just follow.”  Deng Ming-Dao’s 365 Tao: Daily Meditations

The Divine Feminine is the source of peace and tranquility in your life

The Divine Feminine sings our song every day like a soothing lullaby, lulling us into a state of peace and comfort. Nestled safely in her arms, we can completely relax in the knowing that We are Loved, We are Enough, We are Perfect because of every Imperfection.

We are special and unique amongst Infinite Souls… like a single snowflake in the middle of a blizzard… our very own vibrational “Signature” adding what no one else can. Rest in that knowing and surrender… let it flow… just follow.

What do you think? Please share in the comment section below.

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This is week 8 of our Saturday Morning Mastermind study of “Change your thoughts Change your life” by Wayne Dyer

Read Chapter 6 – Living Creatively

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Read the verse and chapter 6 of Change Your Thoughts, Change your life then tell us what you think the Tao Te Ching is trying to teach us about connecting to the divine feminine.
the divine feminine

Tell us what YOU think.

Here’s some questions to get you started.

  1. What do you think the Tao is trying to tell us in this verse?
  2. Why do you think Lao Tzu refers to the spirit that never dies as the mysterious feminine?
  3. Why do you think Wayne Dyer refers to the divine feminine as a creative energy?
  4. What do you think is meant by ‘she brings us to our own perfection’?


  • Thanks Sandy for reminding me about the video.
    I just watched it.
    Dang! Yes, passion. another piece of the programing puzzle that makes us feel like something is wrong with us!! All the expectations that we ‘should’ just somehow know exactly what we are supposed to do. The ONE thing! And if we dont have that one thing guiding us, and we keep jumping from interest to interest, we’re told we’re flighty and irresponsible.
    Now we can even recognize and release THAT expectation!
    I love how she said to just simply follow our curiousity!

  • Sandy Root

    This is the video Katherine was referring to:

    Amazzzzzzing! <3

  • Thanks everyone! Great chat!

  • awesome energy vibe this morning on the hangout.

  • Karen Lohof

    BTW, Christina. It’s thrilling to have you with us again, today!

  • Karen Lohof

    The mystery of the divine feminine speaks to us from within her creation. She is not a distant god in heaven, but a presence that is here with us, needing our response. She is the divine returning to claim her creation, the real wonder of what it means to be alive. We have forgotten her, just as we have forgotten so much of what is sacred, and yet she is always part of us. But now she needs to be known again, not just as a myth, as a spiritual image, but as something that belongs to the blood and the breath. She can awaken us to an expectancy in the air, to an ancient memory coming alive in a new way. She can help us to give birth to the divine that is within us, to the oneness that is all around us. She can help us to remember our real nature.

    I like having this distinction pointed out. There’s so much we’ve “forgotten” and I can feel this as true for me. She needs to be known again, (hallelujah) as something belonging to the blood and the breath. She can awaken us, help up give birth and help us remember. I NEED that. I CLAIM that! THANK YOU!

  • When I get done to it all I truly am a mixed bag also.

  • Karen Lohof

    Are you really asking me to embrace being a “mushed bag”? Christina. OK. OK. That’s me. Really that’s a great point.

  • Hie Karen and welcome.

    • Karen Lohof

      Thanks, Dan. It’s great to be here.

  • Morning Karen!! One of these day’s we’d love to have you on the hangout with us!

    • Karen Lohof

      Thanks, Samantha. I’d love that, too. Just have a couple things to take care of first. Need to make English my first language, for one. Just kidding. I’ll get there.

  • Karen Lohof

    Mornin’, mornin’! This is a new area of exposure for me. I’m jazzed!

  • Hey eveyone glad you all are here.

  • Jason Roberts

    Awesome to be here!

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  • YAY!! I’m glad your internet is fixed Sandy!! It should be a Great discussion!

  • Sandy Root

    So yay, my internet is in full swing again! See you all in the morning!
    Some of what came up for me while reading this verse…

    I was reminded of an earlier verse discussion where we talked about how during the 9 months in the womb, everything we need is provided and taken care of. We don’t need to force anything or worry about anything. We just be and all is provided. The Divine feminine reminds me of that, receiving, being in the receptive state, and in that state, our true nature is naturally there, without force, without thinking it over and over, without worrying.

    After reading Wayne’s commentary: “Whatever you feel compelled to do… do it with your unique flair. Being creative means trusting your inner calling, ignoring criticism or judgment.”

    I had written a note in the book next to this “me writing my book”. I’ve had a calling to write a book for at least a couple years now, but I always seem to stop myself in the process, first of all, because I was told many times as a child, that writing was not my strength, math was. So I always thought I’m not a good writer. Recently as I have started outlining and brainstorming on my book, what I realized brought me excitement was doing it my way. I always started to panic when I thought of how it needs to be a certain structure, and written in a proper style, like ya know, the normal way books are written. When I let that go, and my idea came in, I felt excitement because it’s coming from that creative place in me. And I realize now my book will be more of an art piece, original, it’s own style, mine. Whether it’s considered a good book or not by critiquers or bestseller people or publishers, doesn’t matter anymore, because the way it will come out will be me genuine, and that’s all that matters. Since this realization, I am much more motivated to create my book.

    It’s like that child in me who probably had this idea long ago but was long gone once society says you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re not good at this, blah blah blah.

    “apply your uniqueness to everything you undertake” 😀

    • Wonderful! I look forward to enjoying your book!! <3

    • That is so awesome Sandy!! I have a friend who wants to write a book but she is soooo worried about everyone else’s approval on her writing style and format that she keeps holding herself back.
      I hope that one day she will come to the same realization and see that following her passion and listening to that inner voice calling is the most important part!

  • This is a great verse! What a powerful reminder to go within and allow our inner creative spirit to guide us!
    I think we forget that much of the time because there is so much going on in our lives.
    Thanks for a great post Katherine!!
    I love your reminder to ask ourselves ‘What makes your heart sing?’
    It seems so simple yet it can be the answer to so much of the turmoil in our lives.
    What if we ask that question of ourselves every time we’re faced with an important decision?
    Would that make the answers seem more clear?

    • Yes it would, Thank you Samantha, I got an easy verse to write on! <3