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Hello there!
Originally from Clearwater, Florida, I now live in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado! I do miss the ocean but I’m a Happy Woman if I am in or can see the Mountains πŸ™‚ I live here with my Wolfdog Sequoia in a Tiny Home that I have termed a Homeshed and I work out of my Gypsy Wagon πŸ™‚ I live semi-off grid and Thanks to my Amazing Friends and Landlords, we have a Bountiful Organic garden and a View that will make your heart explode <3

I Live this way by design and default. I do prefer the simple life but originally it was forced on me through circumstances. Like so many others, I lost my home and career and had to rebuild my life. In my case, it was due to health conditions but I have to admit that it led me to a life that I Love more than the one I had before in many ways. Not all ways LOL but many ways. Sometimes our picture of how to get somewhere is different than God’s!

The last 10 years have been a different life for me. It has REALLY changed! I am now here online (I didn’t even know what a thumbdrive was before), doing Energy Work individually and for groups, Graphic Arts, Social Media as well as Painting, Drawing and Stained glass (as I physically can). I have a blog and am on multiple social media platforms, mostly Facebook. I also do videos to try to help people in various ways and guide them to the resources they need for their Health, Wellness and Abundance.

katherine clement

I was an RN for 20 years working in Neonatal Intensive Care (and home health) but a horseback fall brought my career to an abrupt end in 2005. Unfortunately when I fell, I landed right where I had previous spinal cord surgery (for a congenital disorder called Tethered Cord Syndrome) which developed into a horrifically painful condition called Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. For five years I was in suicidal levels of pain until I found a surgeon who could help me.

Now, 5 years Post-surgery, although still limited, I am SOOO Thankful for everything I CAN do (twice out of a wheelchair!!) and I continue to do everything I can to help my body heal. I had to change everything…diet, mindset, habits, routines and I especially had to learn to Love myself and my body in spite of how badly I hurt or what I can or cannot accomplish in a day.

Project Angel

I am proud to be part of Project Angel which is a group of Art Activists raising awareness about Chronic Pelvic Pain. We are working hard to get these conditions taught in medical school so that Doctors recognize the symptoms and treat quickly preventing further nerve damage. Over 30 Million women and an undisclosed number of men suffer with Chronic Pelvic Pain in the US alone. For more information on Project Angel go to http://livedreambelieve.me/healing-through-art/

Of course I LOVE being one of the Hosts of Saturday Morning Mastermind! I met Samantha and Sandy through a company we were all in at one time and we became fast friends!

When Samantha invited me to join them I was “scared”! Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone! LOL I’m really glad I stepped out!! I Love being REAL with people, being able to provide value and help people without “pitching” them! Completely Team Safe!

We have a Fantastic group and getting together weekly helps us All stay Positive and Focused! It is so Wonderful to have such Amazing friends to Mastermind and Brainstorm with and with each others support we know we can accomplish ANYTHING we set our intention to! I know we will continue to grow our Family for years to come! Join us on Saturday mornings at 10am EST atΒ http://SaturdayMorningMastermind.com

Would Love to connect with you! Let us know if you would like to be a panelist for the hangouts!

Many Blessings
Katherine Clement

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