Are you REALLY paying Attention?

Tao Te Ching verse 32 week 34 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Are you paying Attention?

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This weeks verse is a a great reminder for me to BREATHE!
LOL Here it is Thursday and I have been so busy I am just
now getting to writing this! I started to at about 2 am
for the last 3 nights and just couldn’t grind it out.
I can absolutely 100% tell you that the verse is right…
we are not in control.

In this era of “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” we
like to tell ourselves that we are in complete control of
our manifestations and our world but in reality, not so much.

For those of us that feel energy, things are really chaotic
right now…I would venture to say that many of you who have
never felt energy are starting to feel it now. It may show up
as anxiousness, fear, anger, frustration even rage and you
pick it up from the Collective.

There are techniques to shield from the Collective but in the
end we are all part of the same energy so shielding against
anything is blocking part of ourselves. Thankfully we do have
Free Will to choose how we think about those things. How we
interpret them. Are we even paying attention?

“Pay attention to the flow of your life.”

Remind yourself that you don’t have to be in charge— that, in fact, it’s impossible for you to be in charge.

The nameless force, which Lao-tzu calls the Tao, moves everything, so your continual argument with it only causes dissatisfaction. Each day, practice letting go and seeing where you’re directed. Take note of who shows up and when. Observe the “strange coincidences” that seem to collaborate with fate and in some way steer you in a new direction. Keep track of situations that occur spontaneously or out of the realm of your control.

“Look for a new, joyous feeling within you.”
Wayne Dyer

Those should be comforting words to most of us and in most
cases are, but as humans, our ego has the job of protecting
us and often has a lot of resistance to “not being in charge”
LOL it is that resistance to “what is” that causes most of
our pain and frustration.

Do you get easily frustrated when things don’t seem to be
going your way?

I do sometimes, especially when I have something
that I need to do (like write a blog post…:) and thing after
thing keeps coming up. It makes me feel like I’m running out of
time, that there isn’t enough time to do everything I have
committed to… but those are just thoughts, and untrue thoughts
I might add. Isn’t it Amazing how easily we can block ourselves
if we don’t control our minds?

With all of the upheaval in the Collective over the Elections, the
economy, the increasing violence etc, are you getting swept away
with the fear or are you trusting that everything is shaking loose
for a reason? Are you recognizing the Collective energy’s influence
in your life or are you “interpreting” it as fear, anxiety even illness?

pay attentionAre you trying to fight your way across the ocean doing the
breaststroke or are you gliding across the waters in your
sailboat? The destination is the same but one requires a lot
more effort!

Personally, I am in a flow that seems to be going faster than I
can swim but I know that is also a lie. I need to BREATHE. I
need to Relax and let the stream carry me. I just need to stay
in the present moment and complete one task at a time, it will
all get done, just as this blog post has 🙂

Flow like Water my Friend <3

What do YOU think?

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  • Donna Allen

    Love this post Katherine, Flow or Float – Please yes don’t forget to “Breathe” Not sure about you I am not able to drink all of that water at once!

  • Good morning! We’ll be meeting at 10am EST today to discuss verse 32 of the Tao Te Ching.
    Go here for instructions on how to join our zoomcast.

  • I love the picture that you present when you ask us are we “Are you trying to fight your way across the ocean doing the

    breaststroke or are you gliding across the waters in your

    sailboat? The destination is the same but one requires a lot

    more effort!

    This is so me most of the time as I really don’t like not being in control and when I’m not in control I feel like I won’t get to where I belong, but I’m learning more and more that if I go with the flow of the “Stream” it will get me to where I need to be at the right time and usually with less bruises and scars, like those the tend to happen when I fight against the current because I want to be in control and then is usually when literally all hell breaks lose for me. Thanks for this post Katherine. I needed this reminder kinda along the same lines as what Samantha said below.

  • Thanks for this reminder Katherine! I forget sometimes that some of the emotions I feel actually come from the collective rather than just me.
    It can be very unsettling to feel strong emotions and not know the cause. I used to think there was something wrong with me for feeling angry or depressed or for no apparent reason.
    It’s a comfort to remember the emotions are just energy I’m feeling from everyone else!