Embracing Oneness…are You in Harmony with the Tao?

Oneness: Tao Te Ching verse 10 week 12 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Embracing Oneness

Welcome!! This week we will be discussing oneness and the 10th verse of The Tao Te Ching in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

These ancient words remind us to walk daily with the Tao. It points out that we are both body and spirit and although they seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, it is the union of the two which brings balance. Each of us must discover through self inquiry how to be in the world without being of it.

Oneness: Carrying Body and Soul and Embracing the One, can you avoid separation?

Do you recognize and honor both your body and your soul? As you interact with “others” can you see that they are only extensions of you? Can you see how they reflect your own truths back to you?

When you find yourself blaming, being angry, frustrated and disappointed, write these things down and do self-inquiry. You may find those emotions were only there to remind you of the things that still must be healed within yourself.

Welcome oneness and be Kind to yourself. Take care of both your body and your spirit. When we lean too far either way and neglect the other we find suffering rather than Joy.

Oneness and your body: Can you let your Body become as Supple as a Newborn Child’s?

What do you believe about your body? Do you believe that as you age you will have more aches and pains, be stiff and slow down? Can you release those thoughts?

Probably not, especially after a bit of extra activity that leaves you sore for days! LOL You may not be able to prevent the thoughts. (Have you noticed that thoughts seem to come from nowhere?) But, you don’t have to believe them!

At least keep your “mind” young and active and if you do, you might find that your body follows. If it doesn’t, you won’t mind as much if you relax into the knowing that it’s All Perfect!

Imagine if a tree grieved for every leaf lost in the fall? Nature knows there are seasons, cycles of activity, of rest, creation and destruction…birth and death…it is just the way of life.

I think this line also speaks to being “Supple” in our thinking. Through the years we tend to get pretty rigid with our thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Are you open to learning new things? Expanding your horizons? Are you willing to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child without all your preconceived notions and opinions, or is your mind arthritic?


Oneness and being open: In the opening and shutting of heaven’s gate, can you play the feminine part?

Are you pushing your way through life or are you open to RECEIVING from the Universe? Sometimes we get so caught up with MAKING it happen NOW that we get impatient and frustrated with things.

Stop bucking reality! Use it as a cue to remember how perfect Spirits timing is for us! When you don’t know what to do, you don’t have to figure it out, just ask God, Spirit, Creator, The Universe, The Ethers, whatever you want to call it. Ask and open yourself, quiet your mind, and wait in the silence for the answer.

Oneness and leadership:Can you Love your People and govern your domain without self-importance?

This is a tricky one sometimes! Ego wants to slip in there when you start being “Successful” as an entrepreneur! I have seen many elevate themselves above their team to the point that they drive them away. Donna, here is your Humpty Dumpty story! When Ego gets out of control you can almost predict that there is a bumpy fall on its way!

God has a way of humbling us if we don’t do it ourselves. LOL When you reach “Success” remember, you didn’t get there on your own, be Grateful for the boundless generosity of the Universe who put every thing you needed within your reach. You might have to stretch for it but notice how Grace is Always present when you need it.

Oneness and letting go:Giving birth and nourishing; having yet not possessing; working yet not taking credit; leading without controlling or dominating.

When you give birth to something, an idea, a project or yes even a child, do you feel as if you “own” it? That you should have control over it or do you see it as its own entity? I think this is especially difficult as a parent. Children may seem like wee things but they are actually Co-Creators just like you and their will can be even stronger! Anyone who has been around a 3 year old or a 16 year old can testify! LOL

But truly it is heart breaking to see your child going through pain or tough challenges and not want to fix it for them. It is easy to think that with our “Wisdom” we know what if best for them…and God forbid they don’t take our advice and things go South, they may never hear the end of how we “saved” them again! Even with the best intent, these are all manipulations and forms of control. Children teach us as much as we do them if we are open to the lessons. We are two Masters agreeing to teach and learn from one another.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself or celebrating your accomplishments. Please do! But I’m sure that many reading this have experienced what its like to be “reminded” of every thing someone has ever done for you. LOL

I don’t own a tv anymore but I remember many comedy series with the classic “Mom or Grandma” that plays this role perfectly! She will give you the shirt off of her back but you are going to hear about it for the rest of your life! LOL

Being of service to another is reward enough in itself without acclamation.

Oneness and the Tao: One who heeds this power brings the Tao to this very earth. This is the primal virtue.

Maintain that Spirit/Body balance, be the Observer, and realize that your judgement against others is your personal care plan on what needs to be healed within You. Create and Love without controlling. You are shining Your Light so Bright others WILL follow you. The Primal Virtue is Unconditional Love. Remember, YOU deserve your Love, Patience and Compassion as much as anyone else, so don’t beat yourself up for not measuring up to your (or someone else’s) expectations.

Thoughts arise…stuff happens…we react…we’re human…it’s ok! Just don’t let a bad moment turn into a bad day or a bad week. Self inquiry and Self Love will relieve the Suffering if you follow it to the Truth.

The old saying, “The Truth will set you Free” is absolutely true! We CAN experience Heaven on Earth when we take the time to heal ourselves, rejoice in the Beauty that surrounds us, and be in a state of Gratitude for it all, no matter how life shows up. It’s All GOoD!

Always be Open to Grace <3

Over to you. What do you think this verse is telling us?

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This is week 12 of our Saturday Morning Mastermind study of “Change your thoughts Change your life” by Wayne Dyer

Read Chapter 10 – Living Oneness

Then Meet us here for a LIVE discussion March 5th at 10am EST


Read the verse and chapter 10 of Change Your Thoughts, Change your life then tell us what you think the Tao Te Ching is trying to teach us about living in oneness.


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  • Karen Lohof

    Sorry to be so behind everyone. This is a massive lesson! I did my response all on word and highlighted and all kinds of things for emphasis, and all, so, please forgive areas that are wonky.

    Carrying body and soul and embracing the one, can you avoid separation? Having recently learned My Body is MY Subconscious Mind and being completely flummoxed by that, AND having practiced with Master Minding with Invisible Counselors for probably three years or more, I have been striving to be one with multiple beings: Father at my crown chakra, the Savior is within me, my Higher Self is both within and without, the Divine Feminine (new to me) and Mother Earth embodying both creativity and confidence and more, I feel like I have more capacity for embracing the One and yet know I need lots more practice.

    I think I grew up believing the soul was within the body. I do remember the shivery excitement of contemplating that the soul might be much larger than the body (when in my latter twenties) and so the body must be encased in the soul. Somehow I tranced myself into believing that was a big secret I had somehow fallen privy to, and must keep a secret. So now, I am asked, “can I avoid separation?” Huh?

    Can you let your body become as supple as a newborn child’s? What a wonderful question, this! Can I let? Can I LET?

    So the question is, can I allow. It makes me think of someone asking another, “Can I pick you up?” The other responds, “I don’t know, CAN you? Ask me if you MAY pick me up.” Everything about that question hinges on whether you grasp the concept of “letting” or allowing. Which, please forgive me, seems excruciatingly difficult to me. Which is to say, I get that it doesn’t seem like it should be all that hard, yet I find it a constant burr under my saddle, so to speak.

    • I think I get what you mean by grasping the concept of letting and allowing. We’ve been taught that the only way to ‘get things done’ is to forcibly make it happen. So allowing can be hard at first and even once you ‘get it’ old habits die hard!

      I’ve had multiple experiences this week and I expect to have many lessons on this over the next few months, where I feel anxiety about all the stuff I need to accomplish or responsibilities I’m being faced with.

      My first reaction is to start thinking of all the ways I could take action to over come the obstacles and this gives me a feeling of stress. However, I’m determined to be more allowing and release my control of how of even if certain these things will happen.

      I’m doing this by focusing on having a feeling of gratitude for everything already being ‘taken care of’ and just doing what actions I feel compelled to do without forcing them.

      It’s kind of a weird balance between setting intentions for what I hope to have happen and projecting a feeling of gratitude because I already ‘know’ all will be done ‘as it should be’. So then, instead of feeling stress about stuff that ‘needs to be done’ I create a sense of relief that it’s ‘already accomplished’ and there is nothing to worry about.

      I go about my day expecting that I will just know what to do in the moment, with this feeling of ‘it is done’, and somehow it just mysteriously ends up turning out perfectly. Maybe it’s not exactly how I expected, but usually just as good, if not better…

  • Karen Lohof

    In the opening and shutting of heaven’s gate, can you play the feminine part? I’m glad to know (having listened to the hang out) I’m not the only one that must refine myself more to keep in mind both that I have a feminine part and that it has its place, wherein I benefit myself and others to choose its practice.

    I listened to a video online where it was explained that when a woman must be concerned with survival needs, she is automatically going to be forced more to the masculine, This was a study about chakras and their interplay with the feminine/masculine applications.

    There is much to consider and to contemplate for many of us as to how much out of alignment we may be in each of these areas.

    Can you love your people and govern your domain without self-importance? Honestly, this remains to be seen.

    • I agree, Karen. When i was younger and working full time plus helping my husband in his business in order to support our 2 growing children I definitely felt I had to put aside my feminine feelings and just go, go, go to get the work done, the chores accomplished, and everyone cared for. There was not time for emotions and not nearly enough for nurturing.

    • I hear you both! I lived in GoGo Land for many years! I still say thats why I am where I am now, God knew that was the only way to slow me down LOL

  • Karen Lohof

    Giving birth and nourishing; having, yet not possessing; working, yet not taking credit; leading without controlling or dominating. To me, this requires self-assessment or judgment. I see myself as having given birth and nourishment, yet as soon as I complete the thought I’m aware how differently different women gauge that.

    Having, yet not possessing, is something I can recall experiencing with finesse with one material item and yet once I got my hands on something larger I grasped it and grasped at it with all my might.

    Leading without dominating seems highly unlikely to me.

    I can see detachment is not my long suit, at all.

    One who heeds the power

    brings the Tao to this very earth.

    One who heeds the power brings the Tao to this very earth. This lesson brings many of my weaknesses to light. There is much for me to study, change, learn and practice in this lesson.

    This is the primal virtue.


  • Sandy Root
  • Jason Roberts

    I love this post. So well written. Beautiful words and very practical advice.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you everyone!!! Great discussion today!!

  • Morning Karen!

  • Karen Lohof

    Mornin’, mornin’!

  • Good morning! Welcome!

  • Sandy Root

    Good morning!

  • Good Morning Everyone!!!

  • Hello everyone! This was a very interesting subject because the only words that I was visably seeing in my mind when reading this verse is “Relationship” We all want to feel connected in some way to everything and everyone around us. However, how do you realize when a connection is real; where you feel the love in your heart and soul or when it is superficial; where you question if the relationship is real. Prior to giving my life to my Lord and Savior I was confused, unhappy and everything seemed to be foggy.

    I’ve come to learn through my 40+ years in life is that if I allow other people to control me, or me trying to control others it will never bring me the peace, love, joy, happiness that I deserve. That is my God given right to have. Once I let go of that concept then enjoying life and holding on to my belief of Jesus promise became so present and alive within me. I felt FREE, a burden was lifted my shoulders. Yes, we have many hats to wear (mother, wife, worker, aunt, sister, father, husband, uncle) etc… but what about YOU as a person? What about the relationship with your higher self. The point is don’t forget about you because you are the absolute best friend you can have here in this physical world. So take care of your body and soul, be true to you, love you. That love and goodness in you will trickle to others around you (family, friends, co-workers etc…)

    I believe that every relationship has to bring peace and happiness. A deeper emotional and spiritual connection. I can truthfully and honestly say without a doubt that through this love, and personal relationship with my Lord and Savior I am able to connect with others in a more loving, caring manner. I learned to love unselfishly, enjoy life, respect others belief and opinions. I learned to love and respect the people around me.

    • Beautiful! <3

      • Jason Roberts

        Great comment Julia! Giving ourselves love, forgiving ourselves being open to love from others is all very important..Its also important not to get down on oneself. Abstract thoughts can cloud our minds, distract us pull us out of alignment and even cause emotional turmoil. As Napoleon Hill said and I believe “We have the ability to take control of our own minds” Like what was written in the last book. We must do so to be our own Coach and change our Programming to be more in Alignment with what we want. You’re Amazing!

    • Thank you Julia!