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Tao Te Ching verse 35 week 37 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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All men (& Women) will come to him, who keeps to the one

To me this is definitely a reference to the Tao but also to meditation. In meditation one comes closer to singularity. This person has peace, security and happiness. People flock to this type of person knowing they are safe from harm.

Lao Tzu refers to music and dining as passing pleasures. This was written a long time ago when life was much slower. He could see these activities slowed people down and gave a them a time for reflection, yet he refers to them as bland things of this world and insipid pleasures. Well, this was a much slower time when this was written, & Lao Tzu was able to spend many years entering the stillness and meditation on the one, Tao.

In this chapter, Wayne tells us that the problem lies not with things that are pleasurable, but only when those pleasures are the main focus of life.

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life are part of being human. It’s only when we become obsessed with them or we think those things are the key to our happiness that these worldly pleasures actually cause us harm instead of good.

Obesity, drug addictions, obsessive behaviors, and sexual abuse are just some of the results of putting too much emphasis on worldly pleasure.

“Most everything defined as pleasurable is temporary, so if you need more and more of it, then it has a grip on you. What you desire so strongly has become your jailer, trapping you into believing that it will bring you peace, security, or happiness… but it never does. Worldly pleasures only seduce you into becoming dependent on them, and they leave you always wanting more. It’s a craving that can never be satisfied” Wayne Dyer

Lao Tzu tells us the Tao is not a thing to see, nor can it be seen. The Tao is not a thing to hear, nor can it be heard. However, he reminds us that we can tap into and connect with it’s great power. When you use the emptiness and stillness known as the Great Tao, you realize it is indeed inexhaustible!

The Tao is where we find true pleasure, peace, happiness, and contentment. When you connect with the Tao, you are connecting with the deeper source of all pleasure. You are connecting to the essence of creation. This is the deeper power that allows all pleasures to be possible in the first place.

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with the Tao, the source, God, the universe, etc. The more often you spend time in meditation, the easier it becomes for you to see the Tao at work causing all of the physical world to unfold.

This verse of the Tao Te Ching is telling you to notice the eternal bliss of the Tao that’s always with you even when wordly pleasures are out of sight.

Tao te ching verse 35

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