4 Tips for Transforming a Violent World

Tao Te Ching verse 31 week 33 Saturday Morning Mastermind


Transform our Violent world:

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In every verse, I’m reminded how the Tao Te Ching applies as much today as it did thousands of years ago. And I think this verse is once again timely for what we are going through today on the planet.

As Wayne stated, we are living in times where terms such as “weapons of mass destruction” have become normal.

To be in the Tao we must be about life, not death; about the creative force, not destruction. When enough of us realize this and “reach a critical mass in our thinking so that it disallows the existence of weapons, we’ll be moving the direction of our world.” It sometimes feels like how can I, one person, make changes? Following are some suggestions for transforming a violent world.

Tip #1 for Transforming a Violent World: Distance from Violent Images & Words

In Wayne Dyer’s commentary he states, “Distance yourself from as many images of death as possible, including watching movies or TV shows that depict killing as a form of entertainment, along with news reports that emphasize the extinguishing of life.”

These are things I have avoided for years, not even owning a TV, and having the availability on the computer of the positive things I like to watch instead. But now more recently, social media, a place I used to enjoy because it was filled with inspiration and positive vibes for the most part, has now become more like a news feed, much of it violent, and I have found myself also distancing from that.

I’ve struggled with finding the balance of being aware of what’s going on in the world with also knowing when it’s becoming too much, when I feel it causing negative reactions in my mind and body. I find myself many times feeling affected by news of another violent death, or as Wayne brought up as well, seeing and hearing violent words between people, different groups, different parties.

Do your best to distance from it.

Tip #2 for Transforming a Violent World: Say Prayers

Here’s a great reminder from the Do the Tao Now section: “Say a private prayer today for every person you read or hear about who’s a victim of killing by a weapon, no matter how distant.” I think this is important as we hear much in the news these days. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is an energy and it does go out into the universe, so trust that your prayers are helping.

I’ve heard arguments recently that prayer isn’t enough, we need to take action. I say, when you can, take action, and when you see an opportunity to be of service, then definitely do so. I also think in our times, many feel helpless, and I believe prayer is a very powerful way to help, so never feel that it’s not enough. Plus, in your prayers, you may also ask for guidance on ways to be of service.

Tip #3 for Transforming a Violent World: Neutralize Negative Reactions

While reading this verse, I was reminded of an exercise from an email I recently received based on the teachings of Neville Goddard. As I first read this email, I had an unpleasant vision frequently stirring in my mind from seeing a video on social media where violence was being used towards animals.

We can go into a state of shock at these things sometimes, as we hold our breath after a quick gasp, it gets locked into our bodies. And then that energy can create things that we never asked for to show up in our life. I know that replaying that scene in my mind was hurting me. What I was reminded of in this email is that we can revise that feeling to neutral and picture how we would have liked this to be. I think it’s a good step towards a new way of thinking on our planet.

TRY THIS EXERCISE: First, stop the reaction. Second, instantly revise it, imagining you didn’t have the reaction you had. This allows you to release that reaction and be neutral. Once you’re neutral, the third step is to envision a positive loving act, creating instead of reacting, and neutralizing negativity. Notice that thing that brought that initial reaction. How would you have wanted to see it? and How do you want to see it? Envision that. Then watch how things around you shift. This is very powerful. What we imagine with feeling, does manifest.

Doing this exercise to become neutral does not mean you don’t care or have no feelings! It helps us to continue creating what we desire for our lives, other people’s and animal’s lives, and for our planet. Being in the higher vibe energy feelings will transform us into a better world much quicker than constantly replaying and re-feeling the things that make us feel negative feelings.

Tip #4 for Transforming a Violent World: Keep Living those High Vibes

“Every victory is a funeral; when you win a war, you celebrate by mourning”

These lower energies all simmer together, the war, the destruction, anger, sadness, fear, loss, grief. When we live on the other end of the energy spectrum, in love, in gratitude, and in joy, I believe THAT is the Tao, and the energy of a civil “civil”ization. The more of us practicing living and being in these higher vibrations will help us bring others and the world up.

violent world

What do YOU think? How else can we make this a less violent world? Share your thoughts below and then meet us this week to discuss it…

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