The Only Constant is Change

The only constant is change: Tao Te Ching verse 16 week 18 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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This week’s topic: Chapter 16 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

The Only Constant is Change

I am personally wow-ed as I read this commentary from Wayne Dyer, because just a couple hours prior I said this phrase, “the only constant is change”, to a friend of mine who was a bit sad about a friend moving out of town.

And I’ve said “this too shall pass” at least a half dozen times over the past week. The timing of writing the blog for this verse feels quite synchronistic for me.

“This too shall pass” is a phrase I’ve carried with me for many years, and one I’ve said to myself often during difficult times. And I share with others when I feel they may be stuck in a cycle of thought or emotion that isn’t necessarily helping them and that perhaps they need to release and move on, so that they can start anew. It really lifts the weight of the world when you feel this phrase, not just say it, but really feel it.

I think we can all look back at many examples in our own lives where something that seemed like the end of the world at the time, may now be something that brought a happy new beginning, or at least the intense initial emotion is way on the other side of the scale of what it used to be. We know that we can get through difficult times when we look over our lives.

And somehow we often want things to stay the same in our lives, it brings a kind of comfort, even though we know truly the only constant is change. When we can really be with that, then we can find comfort in that, because that really brings us back to the source of all.

Beginnings and Endings

I have to say I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately, it’s almost like I never really thought about it in the way I have been lately, perhaps a shift as I’ve entered a new decade of my life, perhaps from the transition of feeling the invincibility of youth to feeling the definiteness that we must all pass on.

But not just how it’s something that is going to happen to everyone, but how it is just an ending and beginning, and how I feel that my personal beliefs help me to not have a fear of death, and to be able to truly feel that those that have passed in my life, I will see again, in another form, in another energy, another space.

And when I pass, I want others to know that too. And that it’s just another beginning and ending. Or as Wayne so perfectly states, “the temporary container you call your body and all of its dramas. This too shall pass… you can count on it!”

I’m also reminded of the phrase, “when one door closes, another opens”, another great one to remind us that with each ending is a beginning.

The phrases mentioned here, including “the only constant is change”, have been soothers after breakups, job loss, death, attachments, heavy emotions. I think they are phrases that we may hear often, and maybe sometimes can be said almost cliché or in passing, but when said to ourselves or to another with care and love, these simple words can soothe and comfort.

They help us all to remember that painful and difficult endings very often bring brighter beginnings, and that they happen to all of us. To remember to trust the cycle, the wave, this constant wave. It’s not a flat valley or a flat mountain top, it’s always a wave.

“The constancy of the cycles of life is an opportunity to return to your root, where what is and what is to be are located…
A sense of inner peace comes with returning to the Source, where all cycles begin and end.”

Return to the Source… the ultimate constant.

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the only constant is change

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  • Creation cannot be stagnant. It is either building or disassembling. Learning to accept these things and how completely insignificant most of them are in the grand scheme of things, can save ourselves much suffering.

    • Donna Allen

      Katherine, most times it is insignificant.

  • Good Morning Everyone!! Sorry for the Technical Difficulities LOL

  • I think that once change is expected and accepted then life in this world can be easier and less stressful. I encourage everyone take that chance open your heart, open your mind and see what can happen. If you’re resistant to change then what are you really afraid of? Donna makes a comment that I believe to be 100% true and she said “it will happen with or without us!” One thing I learned is not to think about how the change will happen. I realized that when I do this that I’m allowing fear and doubt to enter into my life and therefore resisting change, resisting the process. Now I am such….much more open to receive. I now say every morning when I wake up I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. This allows me to move onto the next phase/adventure/change in my life. Just as the seasons change, or just as it rains when we don’t want it shows that we are not always in control. Just let go and let be! This too shall pass!

    • Donna Allen

      Love it Julia….

  • Donna Allen

    So we see another reminder of “This too shall pass”. Excellent Sandy. So love how you hung on every word and made it come alive in our everyday life.

    Change is not always easy! Yet very much has to be a given. I do my best to see it through and not disturb the process. “The only constant is change” it will happen with or without us!

    • Hello +Donna I agree 100% it is not easy. We as humans get so used to way things are at the moment or has been for a long time that change is not welcomed and therefore resisted. It’s like why fix what’s not broken. I like what you said “It will happen with or without us.”

      • Donna Allen

        Hi Julia, Just now read or saw your reply. Thank you!

  • “This too shall pass” is one I say to myself too, Sandy.
    There’s always a peace that comes over me when I remind myself that what ever I’m going through is only temporary.
    Today my husband and I were talking about how many years it’s been since I retired from pet grooming. (9 years) In some ways it seems like forever ago and others it was only yesterday.
    SOOOO many things have happened in the last 9 years. It’s crazy.
    My kids we’re only kids just a few years ago and now they are having babies of their own.
    Everything happens in the blink of an eye!
    It really doesn’t make any sense to get upset about change. Life happens so fast and when we focus only on the unpleasent stuff we miss out on so many great moments in life.
    I think this image from sums it up…

    • Donna Allen

      Wonderful Samantha, No need to add to the stress levels. Let it be.