Why you should become a scholar of the Tao: Tao Te Ching verse 41

Living beyond appearances: Tao Te Ching verse 41 week 43 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Saturday Morning Mastermind broadcast Oct 15th 2016: This week’s topic: Living beyond appearances Chapter 41 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer
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Be Diligent
Can the Tao Help You?

Verse 41 begins by taking our measurement and giving us the opportunity to see how far along we are in seeking to improve our lives and our contributions to those around us.

Just off hand before you dive in, how do you see yourself in terms of improving yourself?

Would you say you see yourself as scholar, as milquetoast who goes wherever the wind blows, or as a fool?

Whether we speak of students or adults, as humans whenever we are in a space where we lack respect, it is easy and common to laugh and call things absurd. When our minds are thoughtless, that which is deep seems absurd. Assessing ourselves may well cause a deeper read so as to rend more from both the verse and Wayne Dyer’s pulling out its nuggets as he sees them.

Wayne Dyer sought in these words, their magic to change us from our ego state to a state where we transcend our ego, and succinctly placed its message in the two words: be diligent.

Wayne revealed that this verse prompted the title for this book that we study each week, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, and that his intention was that we change our thoughts to harmonize with the Tao.

Wayne then spends four pithy paragraphs explaining and expounding on the paradoxes most of us would find in the second verse. It becomes easy to see why fools would laugh here as our own lips curl in derision wondering how illumination would seem dark. Obscurity can be found in true clarity. The greatest art seems unsophisticated. And, we see childishness in true wisdom.

“We look at the world with prejudice, because we don’t see what is, but what we want and expect. Tao in its yielding humility seems dim . . . ”
Stefan Stenudd taoistic.com

Wayne reminds us: “. . . What you’ve called ‘reality’ is in fact an outward form, an appearance only.

Wayne holds nothing back when he claims himself a great scholar and shares he has spent many years both studying and writing the Tao. I was quick to notice he said writing it, as I, too, will write the words to things I’m studying with a great desire to retain it. I feel it holds back my monkey mind, slows it down, and allows me to focus more intently on that which I’m seeking to take in.

“It’s rarely the way the mind thinks it ‘should’ be, and such is the way of life! That’s why it’s important to take time out every so often to go beyond the mind and rest in the vast sea of emptiness/fullness at the core of our being. As Lao Tzu says,’it alone nourishes and completes all beings’.” Rory Beyondthedream.co.uk

Yes, I certainly need to be schooled in interpreting works such as these. Thank you, Wayne Dyer.

I also want to thank again, Samantha Studebaker-Carl for putting together a means for us to come together and study these works. The Master Mind of those who contribute their thoughts for an hour each Saturday are to be lauded also. Thank you!

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