Tao Te Ching verse 28 – Living Virtuously

Tao Te Ching verse 28

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 Chapter 28 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

Know the strength of man, but keep a woman’s care

Tao Te Ching Verse 28 begins with balanced rumination, on the masculine and feminine, in a sort of general reference which seems to describe both strong points of yin and yang, strength and care.

Be a valley under heaven, if you do, the constant virtue will not fade away.

To me this means to be a receptacle of virtuous action. Known as The Way, it presents itself as the right way to go or be…

Know the white, keep to the black, and be the pattern of the world.

It’s to remain in the path of constant virtue, “and to return again to the infinite“.

“One who understands splendor while holding to humility, acts in accord with eternal Power.”

“To be the fountain of the world is to live the abundant life of virtue”

I think equates to being in touch with one’s own inner source, to find the right way in life.

“When the unformed becomes formed into objects, it’s original qualities are lost. If you preserve your original qualities you can govern anything. Truly, the best governor governs least”

These wonderful aphorisms are old and still ring as true today as when they were penned, and the level of truth being very deep. I’m not sure we can always translate them to our modern day experience, but we can do our best to extract these pearls of truth left by Lao Tzu to help show The Way.

This week in on the Saturday Morning mastermind we will share in a comfortable online environment what we feel about this verse or how we feel it relates to us & how we understand it. Please come join our comfortable small group in sharing your own ideas as we explore the beauty of Friendship, and the wisdom of this profound & comforting literature.

Tao Te Ching verse 28What do you think?

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We’ll be discussing Chapter 28: Living Virtuously Tao Te Ching verse 28

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  • Donna Allen

    Thank you Chris, For writing the meat of the verse here!

  • Jason Roberts

    Good morning! nice discussion! great post. I think this verse speaks on keeping a balance that lets us experience everything without loosing ourselves. Im interested in its suggestion that our child self or that which we are before we were born is the state we should seek. It cant really be a state of mind since our mind had not yet formed. the book suggests it is the state of our spirit.

  • Keep SHINING! Thank you so much, Love you all! <3

  • Great anaolgy with the sifter, Donna!

    • Donna Allen

      Thank you Samantha, It comes with going with the flow of the vibe that was mention on the call! Missed you!

  • Absolutely Sandy! I agree. Thanks for sharing that post!

  • Karen Lohof

    Sandy, I don’t know the ethics of this but I’d like to request you post what you just read, if you could. Such excellent explanation of vibration to share with others when they are ready to try to understand. Thank you!

    • Sandy Root

      Hi Karen,
      “For everyone wondering what has been happening in the media in this country lately, allow me to give you a short lesson on quantum physics –

      Our thoughts are vibration, easily measured using noninvasive technology such as EEG. Every thought we have, sends vibrations out into the ‘verse, (our physical reality) which is also vibrating. I’ll repeat that – our physical reality is vibrating, and so are our thoughts. Its like hitting a tuning fork in the midst of uncoordinated random vibrations, eventually, the vibration of the tuning fork will overpower the noise and all will vibrate at this frequency. This is how “reality-creation” works. The more we think about something, the stronger that vibration becomes, and the more “real” it becomes as our reality begins to resonate with our thoughts. If we control our thoughts and attention, we control our reality. If the media or anyone else controls our thoughts and attention, than we lose control over our reality.” ~* Sam Kovalyov

      Just posted on my FB wall if you’d like to share from there too! 😀

    • Hi Karen, thanks for that suggestion and I spoke about it on the hangout and hopefully Sandy can post that for us.

      • Karen Lohof

        I appreciate that so much, Dan. Thank you and for all you do!

  • Good morning! I’m trying to listen in but my signal is not so great!

  • Good morning 🙂 Great job on the verse this week Chris! Looking forward to our discussion here in a bit 🙂