Are you the master of yourself?

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How do you know if you’re the master of yourself?

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Today, as I sit here working on this blog post, it presents a challenge for me.  I have my moments when I feel that I truly am a master of myself but then some little thing happens and well, you know the result; It just totally goes out the window!

As I move further on this journey of “Change my thoughts – Change my Life” Living the Wisdom of the Tao, I am learning more and more to stop and take a look inside of myself to see why I am so bothered by something. Later, when I look back, I really wish I wouldn’t have let it control me as much as it did.

I am now alot more open to stopping and assessing the situation for what it is; “a situation for the most part”. The biggest thing is assessing this situation and figuring out how I should handle it. For most of my life I have been a reactionary person. I don’t always react right at the moment.  I usually react when I get home or by myself. Rather than realizing that I have the power and control right in my hand for how to handle the issue, I let the thing stir and brew in my mind giving my power and authority over to the other person or situation.

I am learning, growing, and realizing that if I want to get to where I want to be in life, then I can’t let others issues, problems, or intersections within my life to derail me.

In this chapter, Wayne tells us…

“Lao Tzu equates The ability to look within for the source of enlightenment and strength with eternal life. He reminds you that while the externals such as knowledge and power over others may provide a long life, shifting to being in charge of yourself offers imperishable wisdom and a ticket to immortality”

I believe it’s important to master ourselves and learn that we truly have the power to control how we react to life. This will help us learn to stop blaming others and ourselves along the way. Then we will be able to truly see the path for what it is. It’s a path to our destination and destiny.  Along the way, if we are true, real, and authentic, we can then help many others reach their true potential, see real strength inside, and help them to learn to master themselves and follow their dreams that they have within too!

As I continue on this path, I am continually working on acquiring the ability to “Master” my “Self”.

So now let me ask you… Are you the “Master of yourself”?

Thanks and make it a Simply Simple Day!!!

Dan Sisseck

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  • Jason Roberts

    Ha ha, the answer is no. I am not a master of myself, Yet! The journey however, HAS gotten better along the way.

  • Great post Dan! No, I am not LOL I am real good at getting through a situation and dealing with the emotions of it later, like you said Dan, I guess being a nurse for so long taught me that much anyway! The question is, do I deal with the emotions later or do I just stuff them? Typically I stuff them but I am getting better 🙂