Do you REALLY want to make a change?

To change or not to change, you get to choose

Meet us here for a LIVE discussion Nov 14th at 10am EST

Where we’ll continue our discussion of What to Say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmstetter with chapter 23 “To change or not to Change

Need a copy of the book? Get one for as little as $.01 plus s&h by visiting this link *
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If you want to make a change in your beliefs, attitudes, emotions, behavior, actions or results, you should at the outset decide who is in command and who or what is in control of the changes that take place.

Change occurs either as a result of something outside of you that happens to you or as a result of something within yourself which causes the change to take place. You can’t control all outside circumstances, but you can control the what happens within you.

Throughout the book What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Hemlstetter we have learned many different ways to take control of our inner dialog in order to create the attitudes and beliefs about ourselves that are necessary to create the change we want in our lives.

This week on the Saturday Morning Mastermind we’ll be talking about the results we’ve gotten over the past few months using these techniques and you can share yours too.

If you’ve been wondering whether changing your self talk is really the secret to making big changes in your life, listen in and join the discussion to find out.

Pre-Mastermind discussion…

(add your thoughts in the comment section at the end of this post)

Here’s some questions to get you started.

  • What has been your experience since we began this book?
  • How easy or difficult did you find it to implement the techniques from this book?
  • What was the biggest change you’ve made using these techniques?
  • What was the most important lesson you learned from this book?
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  • Just had a chance to watch the replay! Great discussion. Everyone made some great points. Samantha the website is fantastic really love it! Julia Colon thank you for your support in and assiting with the hosting.

  • I like the horse analogy that Dan Smith made. It’s necessary to have a strong pattern interrupt so that you can re-anchor your thoughts and inner conversation. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful. You have to choose to use it to steer you in the right direction.

  • Dan Sisseck makes a great point with the power of this book helping us become more aware.

    Once we are aware of something, we can explore our thoughts and feelings more to create a new inner conversation.

  • Hello, sorry could not make the live version. Thank you so much to you all.. I have got a great deal out of the book and hearing everyone story with what you got out of this book has been great. Until I read this book I did not understand that we all have Self-Talk good or bad negative or positive. I for one have got so much out of your talks and the book.

    The book touched me as have the other books written by Shad Helmstetter. I have started to notice a few changes and when I find my self-talk going without me I stop it and turn it around. I feel so blessed to have had come across not only the book, but How we can change out thoughts of self-talk with the help of the statements within the book. Thank you so much.

    I have the next book on my kindle so cannot wait to learn some more in the Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Living The Wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer…. Cannot wait… Take care all.

  • Great discussion everyone! I appreciate you all so much!!! Big thanks to whomever suggested this book it has really had a positive empowering impact on my life!

  • correction
    craft –
    C-ancel – old negative data
    R-eplace- it with new positive data
    A-ffirm – your new self image
    F-ocus – on an image of success
    T-rain – yourself in your new attitudes and behavior

  • Here’s the next book we’ll be reading next.
    Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer

    When you use this think it helps support Mindset Mastery Collective and Saturday Morning Mastermind.
    Next week Katherine will be doing the Free Abundance Reboot
    on this page

  • tool
    craft – old negative data
    C-ancel – it with new positive data
    R-eplace- your new self image
    A-ffirm – your new self image
    F-ocus – on an image of success
    T-rain – yourself in your new attitudes and behavior

    • love this Dan and I will be writing this down.

  • I always enjoyed seeing the little portraits of everyone and could go to their pages.
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      • I agree, Katherine and Dan… reading a book on your own you may miss words that are actually brought to life through someone else’s perspective in a group discussion.

  • This book has been awesome and the last couple chapters have really given me some insights into how I can add to my thought process to take better control of changing my future to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

  • Good Morning!!

  • This is an amazing book for anyone needing help with improving their self talk. I didn’t realize my negative self talk or the negative thoughts I had until I read this book, and how I was affecting my own life. The techniques from affirmations, to beliefs, to positive thinking, to the different levels of self talk is amazing. The chapters in the book helped me realize the role I was playing in my life, but provided me with encouragement and techniques to change what I was thinking and doing. I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for change in their lives and just find it difficult to get to that next step. This is a powerful book full of inspiration, motivation, empowerment and hope. This is the kind of book that I know will resur
    face into my life again. Remember, you have a choice and the choice begins with you!

  • Shad Helmstetter asks a question in this chapter

    “ if making life work is a simple as making a few changes why don’t you do it?

    He makes comparison of people that want to make a change in life.

    New car or a new home new city but most of them the change wasn’t real.

    IT was only an external change and did not last.
    The question is why didn’t it last?

    According to Dr. Hemsttter is because the change is only external.

    We carry the same “thinking in our mind, self image, and behavior patterns” into the new situation.

    So you can change friends, spouses, jobs or locations but if the internal dialogue doesn’t change,

    then the external will always default back to the same old negative habits patterns
    that got you to where you were to begin with.

    The internal habits or paradigms always line up with your self image and you literally cannot do or be any different until you change the internal dialog that is in your head.

    This has been an amazing book.
    I have read it now I think for the forth time but this time has been amazing sharing thought with all of you.

    I have studied numerous books on this subjects but this one I have to say is one of my all time favorites.
    It contains so much practical knowledge that it is a must read for every one that is serious about making a overhaul of life from the smallest change to to the monumental life make-over.

    What to say when you talk to yourself is one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend it to anyone.

    It will change your life if you follow the practical advice in the book!

  • This book, “What to Say When You Talk To Your Self,” has been very beneficial for teaching how to rid yourself of negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. We all need to develop and utilize these skills.

  • When the choice to vote on a book to read next was up. I was so happy this book had the most votes “What to Say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter being apart of this is an honor to discuss these great books with others who share their perspectives and what they learn from the book.

    You know we all are teachers and learn from others in small and big ways! I like that. The Intention of this group and our heart is raw and energetic at the same time! Mastery Collective by far is one heck of a book group and so much more!

  • Reading “What to Say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter has been an experience of eye opening practical understanding on how I can take personal action to affect change and reprogram the negative thoughts and feelings I have in order to clear the way and create success in my life. I highly recommend this book for anyone who thinks they can not change the way they think but wants to change their life. This book and the discussion of it’s chapters has helped me to change my habitual thoughts which weren’t serving my goals, bringing them into alignment with my chosen purpose so that everyday success comes easier. The Saturday Morning Mastermind by the Mindset Mastery Collective is a great safe place to meet online each Sat at 10am est and continue your personal development with the next book.

  • I agree with you Samantha! Very practical and simple, I’ve really enjoyed this book and all the discussions we have had on it! Looking forward to the next one too!!

  • This has been an amazing book! I can’t believe how easy it’s been to implement some of the techniques from this book.
    Plus, the results have been almost instant in some cases and with minimal effort most of the time.
    I’ve found I simply need to rewrite the statements I’m saying to myself in a positive way that reflects *what I want to happen* then read the statements once a day to remind myself.
    Because the new statements are inline with what I truly want, sometimes I can read them once a week and still see significant improvement.
    I’d have to say the lessons in this book have been some of the easiest and most effective out of any other self help techniques I’ve tried!