Rules! Rules! Rules! Wouldn’t it be better, Living without Rules?

Living without rules: Tao Te Ching verse 18 week 20 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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This week’s topic: Chapter 18 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

Living without Rules; Rules, Rules and more Rules… Do we really need them?

Living without rules? Today as I got ready to work on this blog post I re-read Verse 18 in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “Change your Thoughts – Change your Life. Living the Wisdom of the Tao”.

I have to admit that this chapter was a hard read for me. Those who know me know I like parameters to live with and work with. Being an accountant does that to you! But, as I reread it again and really tried to focus on the idea he was trying to reveal, I realized that it was really showing me a different way of looking at how to live my life that truly resonates with my beliefs.

I believe humanity has lost much of its pure heart over the ages, but it hasn’t been fully erased. If we change the way we look at why we have rules and regulations, we realize as stated in the beginning of the book, that rules and regulations are born out of “evil and mistrust due man’s inner fears”.

I believe that deep down we are afraid to look within at our own dark selves and to cut out what has become so ingrained in our hearts. We have let it become such a comfortable part of our lives, that we don’t realize it’s there.

Living without rules: Do we really want what we say we want?

We all say we want these things, but do we really? Are we really ready to “Make that change” to quote a short snippet from a song- to really look at the Man/Woman in the mirror. To make that change. To live out of true love.

When we’re able to do that, we realize we don’t need all the rules & regulations, the lawyers & politicians, and law after law, telling us we need this license or that paper to own this or that. By living in true love of the heart, we then live out of true respect for others and don’t feel the need to call ownership to everything around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there isn’t a need for genuine etiquette or behaviors to follow.

However, I believe they will be born out of a different spirit in the heart.

living without rulesLiving without rules: Live from your heart

Think about it. If we all lived out of our hearts, like when a natural disaster strikes or a truly horrific situation occurs and your heart goes out to those involved in the situation. If we lived like that every day, what type of world do you see it being? If we live out our lives truly and authentically like we all say we want to do, do you think we would have all the issues going on in the world as we do today?

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Dan Sisseck

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Read Chapter 18 – Living without rules

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What do YOU think? Is living without rules possible?

  • Good morning! Welcome!

  • Donna Allen

    Interesting post Dan! Well in all aspects of reading this verse! I can understand to a point why we may need some rules (Smile) ~ Clint Eastwood The Good – Bad – Ugly – So yes kind of would be nice to have not so many rules! I appreciate some of the rules for the sake of balance, otherwise our world as we know it may be very UGLY!

    • True Donna, right now in our current stage of evolution we definitely need rules.
      Someday though, when people stop being so afraid of one another!

  • I Love it Dan! I also love how these verses are making us stretch! LOL I know exactly what you are saying here. We say we don’t want rules and it’s true that many of us would not behave differently without them…there are those who would cause chaos without the fear of punishment. Some don’t care but some actually stay in line because of the laws. For instance, many of us will drive 10 miles over the speed limit but if there were no limits I bet we would go faster LOL It seems, at least in this point in time, that we still need rules in place. Even here on the hangout, if we were not considerate of each other speaking it could be chaos or if everyone left their mic open while the other was speaking it just wouldn’t work. It’s true Samantha! Some break the law just because it’s there! LOL I think there are a lot of rules that could be done away with without negative consequences and there are probably some others that could be helpful. There was a simpler time of life when perhaps they weren’t needed…I remember a poem in my collection, I will add it here after I type it up 🙂 Thanks for the post Dan!!

    • Catlins Creed about American Indians

      I love a people who have always

      made me welcome to the best they had.

      I love a people who are honest without laws,

      who have no jails and no poorhouses.

      I love a people who keep the commandments

      without ever having read them or heard them

      preached from the pulpit.

      I love a people who never swear, who never

      take the name of God in vain.

      I love a people who love their neighbors

      as they love themselves!

      I love a people who worship God without a bible,

      for I believe that God loves them also.

      I love a people whose religion is all the same

      and who are free from religious animosities.

      I love a people who have never raised a hand

      against me or stolen my property, where there

      was no law to punish them for either.

      I love a people who have never fought a battle

      with white men, except on their own ground.

      I love a people who live and keep what is their

      own without locks and keys.

      I love all people who do the best they can.

      And, oh how I love a people who dont live for

      the love of money!

      George Catlin (1796-1872)

      An Artist who lived for eight years among

      48 North American Plains Indian Tribes

  • Love what you shared here Dan!
    I’ve always thought there are too many useless rules! I realize all the laws and rules that have ever been created were made out of fear. Fear that someone will do something, hurt someone, take something, destroy things, be disrespectful, and the list goes on and on.
    The thing I find most funny about most of these rules is that people who obey the law typically wouldn’t do those things even if there was not law saying you can’t do it! It’s the criminals they are trying to stop, but laws don’t stop criminals!

    Take gun laws for instance. Most legal gun owners don’t use guns in an aggressive or dangerous way. It’s the people who get guns illegally that are committing all the gun related crimes!
    More gun laws aren’t going to stop bad people from getting or using guns in a bad way.

    I agree with Wayne on this idea. If you live in harmony with the way of the Tao you are naturally compelled to live in harmony with everyone and everything. If all the laws were gone tomorrow, I would not feel like breaking into my neighbors house just because it’s not illegal. I would not suddenly shoot someone walking down the street just because there is no law against it.
    Laws are not what keep me from being mean to other people or stop me from stealing at the grocery store.
    It’s my desire to live in harmony with everyone and everything. It’s because I see us all as one big family and I want everyone to get along.

    I think it’s possible for humanity to someday live without rules. It may be many generations before this happens but I truly believe we are heading in that direction.