How is just ‘BEing’ better than ‘trying’? Tao Te Ching verse 47

Saturday Morning Mastermind broadcast Dec 3rd 2016: This week’s topic: Living by being Chapter 47 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer
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After the live discussion I have had several realizations. In this Verse, it talks about how the Sage can know without being in the presence of.

The Verse reads “Without going out the door, Know the World
Does this have something to do with understanding the cycles of life and the sociological cycles within humanity?

The farther one knows the less one knows
As our world expands the amount of what exists in our world expands along with the amount of things to know. Therefore, a sage understands that by keeping its world small it can become a master of it. The Power of “Specialization” in life is well known yet not an often discussed topic.

One distinction I have been reminded of today from my friends during the live discussion is that I can be in it and not of it as well as know of it but not be of.

Also, I think it hints that, what we need to know concerning the world is already contained with in us including the power to be an impact on the world.

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