What if you don’t have a Life Passion?

The video that's changing how we think about life passion...

life passion

Have you always wondered what your life purpose is but just can’t figure it out?

Have you ever thought,’There must be something wrong with me, because I don’t feel like I have a life passion…”

Have you struggled year after year, learning about yourself, reading personal development books, taking seminars, trying all kinds of stuff, only to find- there isn’t one thing that drives you?

Is it possible that not everyone has a soul wrenching, life driving, do or die life passion that guides every action in their lives, and maybe that’s OK?

But… all the books, gurus, and life purpose experts seem to think that having a life passion you follow is the purpose of our existence.

Could they be wrong?

Elizabeth Gilbert, writer of Eat Pray Love speaks out against life PASSION. She suggests that following your curiosity may be a better, much more fulfilling, life path for people who don’t know or never have had a strong passion for something that guides them through their life.

Watch this video and see if simply following your random interests is the best way to live YOUR life if you’ve never found a definite life passion…

Do you think she was Empowering or Alienating people with her life PASSION speeches? 

It’s true that not everyone is born with one soul calling life passion! Or some may have one purpose, say to help people, but there are so many ways to execute that, it still leaves them with no direction!

Thank goodness that Lady spoke out and caught her attention. Thank goodness she actually read it and heard the message! Many of us are hummingbirds by nature and even the thought of following one path for an entire lifetime is so Incredibly Boring! Ha Ha!

But seriously, each of us is so very unique and trying to make everyone walk the same path to “Success” is pretty unrealistic, both from the teacher and the student viewpoint!

We need to Embrace our True Selves not worry so much about one fixed life passion. Honor OUR Gifts and if one of those gifts is our ability to flit around from flower to flower, then so be it…We will bring the Nectar from each and spread Wisdom throughout the garden <3


Is a life passion necessary for true fulfillment?

Watch the video and tell us what you think…

Leadership council member, Sandy Root had this to say after watching.

“I’m one of those people who’ve struggled to discover what my purpose is, sometimes heart-achingly, and feeling like something is wrong with me that I cannot seem to find it.

What is my passion? What is my purpose?

I don’t know, or then I would think I knew and then again I’d soon be on another path as my interests changed again and again.

Personally, this video brought tears to my eyes as I awakened to the happy knowledge that I am a ‘hummingbird’, I am curiosity driven, and wow, so grateful to embrace that part of me!

Without all my diverse interests and career changes throughout my life, I wouldn’t be the person I love today, and even more so now, loving myself more knowing I don’t NEED to find my passion or purpose to live a complete, fulfilled life. Yay!
And, I’ve been sharing this video with so many others who also released happy tears in relief!

It’s funny how one concept that people put out there can really discourage people, this idea of life passion that we hear again and again.

It’s a good reminder to always know we are perfect no matter what the mainstream is saying…

Over to you…

Do YOU feel like you MUST have one specific life passion in order to be happy?