How to Keep Your Calm in a World Filled with Terror

Keep your calm: Tao Te Ching verse 26 week 28 Saturday Morning Mastermind


How to keep your calm…

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 Chapter 26 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

Keep Your Calm to Live Calmly On!

So you probably noticed my little play on a famous saying  “Keep Calm And Carry On”  and after having read the 24th verse of the Tao Te Ching. It seemed a fitting follow up to the verse we talked about last week; Living from greatness.

keep your calmKeep your calm by looking within

Right at the beginning of the chapter, Dr. Dyer talks about seeing things from the standpoint of living in the Tao – we are being advised to keep your calm by maintaining a sense of serenity regardless of what we may see going on around us.

To quote from the book,

“Moreover, you’re being told that the true master knows that the ability to stay calm is always located within.”

From this perspective there’s no need to assign responsibility to others for how we feel.

Last week, I feel that we were all of a general consensus that we each are responsible to finding it within us to Live from Greatness. Again, that is under our control not anyone else’s.

I believe that in order to get to the ability to live in one’s greatness you have to be able to keep your calm and come from a point of how settled one is within themselves in order to not be swayed to and fro with the wind, even as the wind seems fit to adjust us to its course.

When you are pushed to and fro by the outside influences in your life and you let that be your default setting, you are doing yourself and the world an injustice. However, if you can learn to keep your calm in the storms of life and be centered within yourself, then nothing can sway you from your peace. You then become that root that can grow and become that big tree in life providing life and shade and comfort to those around you.

Keep your calm by knowing your true self

How do you learn to not be tossed by the winds of this idea, that philosophy, or this political movement? It’s by looking inside to your inner core and learn what that is for you. Then when there is outer turmoil you can keep your calm, be centered, and work towards your dreams and future.

So you’re probably wondering how to you attain that centeredness that we all want. I believe it’s by learning that your circumstances are not the big powerful things you make them out to be. But realizing instead, that in those circumstances you have the greatest power in you to help you be centered and keep your calm. (For me, that’s my relationship with God) for others it may spring from a oneness with the universe or infinite intelligence.

Keep your calm by recognizing automatic emotional responses

The other part of this equation is your emotions. We usually let them get the best of us. For example, the tragic shooting in Orlando that happened within the last couple of weeks. There has been a lot of Emotions being stirred up and brought out due to the nature of what happened. Many people have let it un-center them from their inner calmness making it impossible to process and respond from their true self and not just from their emotional self.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my distressed thoughts, sadness, and been far from calm because of this tragedy! I had to take a hard look inside myself after having taken part in last week’s discussion.

So to sum this up, whatever you are feeling; angry, depressed, sad or whatever it may be… For me, it’s a condolence and reminder that I don’t have to let the winds of life control me and push me to and fro as stated in the book. Instead, keep your calm and remain rooted in beliefs and inner strength that is aligned with the Universe (God), rather than what’s going on around you.

I love this simple thought from the book that Lao Tzu offer to us:

“Vow to seek a calm inner response to the circumstance of your life”

In the midst of any kind of unrest – an argument, a financial situation, traffic Jam (road rage) you can make that immediate decision to keep your calm by going to your calm center place before you make any decisions – especially those rash ones that we all later would like to redo or forget!

So in conclusion “Keep your Calm to Live Calmly On!

Thanks for being a part of our group and discussion!

So make it a Simply Simple Day!

Dan Sisseck

keep your calm
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How do YOU keep your calm in this crazy mixed up world? Tell us in the comment section below?

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  • Good Morning Everyone!!

  • Thanks for reading the blog post, and after re-reading my own blog post and now reading your responses, I am now realizing a couple of other view points come from when I am in the eye of the storm. I do believe how you react and carry forth stems from your inner core and centeredness that is show through when going through the storm

  • Great post Dan! There is certainly a Peace that comes from looking at things from the observer position, putting things in perspective, looking at the Grand Scheme of things but it is difficult to do in the face of a tragedy. I forget where I heard it, but it impacted me when I heard someone say “when you see these tragic events like (the Orlando shootings or) Natural Disasters always look for the Helpers.” Events like this bring out the Greatness in people. Those that can maintain their calm in the midst of the storm will step forward as leaders and others will follow thereby allowing the masses to be cared for. Sometimes we have what feel like disasters in our own lives. We feel shaken and shattered like a building in an earthquake but if we can remember that it is all part of the plan (or it wouldn’t be happening right?), to relax, breathe, step back and take a different perspective there always comes the day when we can look back and say “Ahhhhhhh so that’s why that happened!”

  • Donna Allen

    Excellent Dan – In reading this verse it seemed to carry on into this one. Two questions came to my mind. In which was to ask and remind me I’m sure. First one. I ask just like this. Donna. What is your purpose? Donna. Do you have vision? Goes back to the answer in you. Find the happy place in which is peace and calm!

    • Yes, exactly find the happy place inside yourself that is peace and calm!
      Knowing my “purpose” is something I’ve struggled with for much of my adult life. I always felt like I didn’t have one specific purpose in life and there must be something wrong with me. However, when I would simply seek my inner peace and happiness, it didn’t really matter what I was actually doing. I would just BE happy and at peace.
      But our culture teaches us that satisfaction and success comes from accumulating wealth, creating a profitable business, or being the BEST at something.
      What I’ve come to realize is you don’t need any of that to be happy. You just have to decide to be happy with what you have and are right now. Then, it doesn’t matter so much what is going on in your life or the world as a whole. You are still at peace and happy! And That, is a wonderful thing!!
      The ironic thing about switching your perspective to being happy FIRST, is that all the other things in your life become more successful as a result!