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Born in St. Petersburg Florida. I grew up playing around the warm salty waters of Tampa Bay Florida. I come from a terrific family which instilled in me good values though it fell apart my senior year of high school.

After that I struggled have motivation and stay in college. Life had been a rollercoaster of turbulent waters. My dreams had been crushed and I felt as though I had been set adrift without a compass.

Still I muddled along, changed my major, and eventually received a degree from the a University of South Florida College of Business. In addition I have studied Science, Art, Real estate, Marketing and Online Promotions.

I currently teach and provide online business consulting services as well as promote online educational services, systems and tools. I am available for speaking engagements.

You might be asking why is someone with a degree in business specializing in finance would be interested in personal development. The reason is simple. In my studies I have found that personal development and mindset training is critical for most people to succeed in their own business.

No one is born a leader or business tycoon. In fact most people are never afforded the mindset training and correct mental programming that would allow entrepreneurial success. My purpose is to serve others by providing guidance to that end.

Always aspiring to be a better version of myself, I continue my education daily in order to better serve my clients. I enjoy surrounding myself with the best people in the online marketing and personal development industries possible. Jason Roberts

I enjoy working from home, long vacations, making new friends, spending my free time with loved ones, being out amid nature, being active, listening to music and tinkering with technology.

I lost my job during the recession in 09′. I know how it feels to have lost everything and be deep in debt. Since then I have reinvented myself as a website manager and online business coach. I post helpful content on my blog¬†JasonRoberts.Mobi.

My vision for the next 3 months is to help 10 new people to earn there first incomes online and guide as many people as possible to there own success on the internet and in personal development.

I found the Saturday Morning Mastermind and Mindset Mastery Collective in 2014 and quickly fell in love with what it’s about. It has given me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and grow. It is a safe place for all to discuss success principles which enrich us and the lives of those we are around while leading us to success and personal growth.

Through these masterminds I have found opportunities to challenge my new personal growth. I am honored and deeply grateful for the opportunity to mastermind with such a terrific like minded group of individuals and encourage all to participate.

It is through relationships that we can make breakthroughs faster. When you are open to new ideas or points of view someone may just have the answers that you need.

Lets achieve success together!

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