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How to make your life easier: Tao Te Ching verse 22 week 24 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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 Chapter 22 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

How to make your life easier: Recognizing the cause of your pain

Throughout this book the Tao has been trying to teach us that ALLOWING is much more effective than STRIVING. This particular verse tells us that INFLEXIBILITY is what makes us feel like life is hard.

Generally when we are striving at work, within our relationships, toward goals, to achieve our desires, etc, we have very narrow ideas of what outcomes we will accept to allow ourselves to feel like a success.

This inflexibility is what causes a difficult life.

The more inflexible you are by placing requirements or restrictions on people, circumstances, outcomes, objects, etc, the less opportunities you have for success and happiness to flow in your life.

Success and happiness are actually very easy to achieve if you allow yourself more flexibility in the way things happen. Here’s a simple example…

How to make your life easier: Stop cutting yourself off from opportunities

In this example, your goal is to buy a book and enjoy a shopping visit.

If you go to the store with the intention of only buying one specific book, in a hardback, for only $7.95 or less and you expect everyone in the store to be polite and friendly during your visit, you limit yourself to a very narrow window for success.

If any one of those requirements aren’t met or someone is not friendly, you will feel let down, frustrated, annoyed, or even angry. In this scenario you’ve created more opportunities for disappointment than you have for enjoyment.

Instead, if you went to the store with no specific book in mind and you choose not to allow unfriendly people to bother you, your opportunity for a pleasant visit increases exponentially. In this scenario, a visit to the bookstore is relaxing and fun!

As you can see, the more stipulations you create for yourself, the less chance of success you have. The more flexible you are the more opportunities you give yourself!

It seems obvious in this example, doesn’t it?

How to make your life easierHow to make your life easier: Improving Relationships

Give yourself more flexibility to be happy with your family members.

Do you have someone in your family that always seems to upset you?

What are some of the things that bother you about that person? Write out a list of ten or more things.

  1. He always leaves is shoes in the living room
  2. He forgets to put the toilet seat back down
  3. He never puts his clothes away
  4. He always leaves splash drops on the bathroom mirror
  5. He doesn’t wipe his feet before entering the house


Got your list?

Now, look at each item.

How many times throughout the day do you CHOOSE to be upset about any of those things?  Five? Ten? Twenty?  Do you like feeling upset? Do you enjoy frustration, anger, or resentment?

What if instead, you choose NOT to be bothered by those things? How many opportunities for happiness does that give you?!

When Lao Tzu says

“the flexible are preserved unbroken”

He is saying that our own inflexibility for how we want things to be, is the main thing that causes us to become upset(broken)!

When you choose to be flexible, you are choosing the path of making life easy and happy. When you are ridged with rules and restrictions, you are choosing the ‘life is hard’ path of frustration and anger.

I know this sounds easier that it is in practice. It takes time to change how you feel about these things. Sometimes you just don’t want to change because you want so badly for life to be a certain way.

However, if you really do want to experience happiness and you want to make your life easier, being flexible and removing restrictions on how it is achieved is the best path.

You can’t make other people change, but you absolutely CAN change yourself!

How to make your life easier: Share your experiences

In the comment section below, tell us…

How are you making your own life hard?

What areas could you be more flexible?

Read Chapter 22 and see some of the other examples Wayne Dyer gives us. Then meet us back here for the Saturday Morning Mastermind and let’s discuss them!

This is week 24 of our Saturday Morning Mastermind book study of “Change your thoughts Change your life” by Wayne Dyer

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Read Chapter 22 – Living with Flexibility

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  • Jason Roberts

    Little bit of a slow start for me this morning. glad everyone had such great thoughts on this verse. How do we become flexible, what makes us ridged? Ego has always been an ambiguous term for me. The standard definition doesn’t seem to completely encompass its dynamics. The more I hear about instances that shed light on the characteristics of Ego the more I gain understanding and awareness. I am definitely noticing how Ego plays a role in how I perceive and react in my everyday experiences and how I can choose to have a different reaction and outcomes.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Great discussion today, Thanks Guys and Gals!!

  • Woooot!! Glad you all could make it!!!

  • Hi Karen, Glad you joined us!

  • Good Morning Karen!

  • Happy Saturday!!

  • Karen Lohof

    ‘Morning, morning! I’m jazzed. Flexibly, natch!

    • Jason Roberts

      Good morning Karen!!!

  • Donna Allen

    Samantha, Excellent post. I am pasting a part of the blog post here again Why am I doing this? I second this 100%. “The more inflexible you are by placing requirements or restrictions on people, circumstances, outcomes, objects, etc, the less opportunities you have for success and happiness to flow in your life.

  • While I was writing this blog post, I was eating lunch. I noticed I kept yelling at my dog to go in the other room because he was sitting there begging.
    I was making myself upset because he just kept coming back in here when I didn’t want him to!

    I realized I could be more flexible in this situation and come up with another solution.

    After thinking about it for a few moments, I thought of at least 3 other options I could choose instead of getting upset.

    1. I could just ignore him
    2. I could put him in his room while I eat
    3. I could put him outside for a while

    By not being flexible, I didn’t see the other opportunities. I was causing my own frustration and getting upset was just making me miserable in this situation.

    • Donna Allen

      Thank you for writing this and sharing! Samantha, flexibility for many of us is a learned behavior and never an easy one to do. I find it more and more a rewarding skill or trait if you will to hunger for.

    • Great catch!!! Love it!