Give without Expectation and Do Good Even When No One is Watching

Gratitude and Generosity: Tao Te Ching verse 24 week 26 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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 Chapter 24 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

Our egos want to be recognized, it’s part of what the ego wants. The ego is not a ‘bad’ thing, it wants to protect us, but we have to keep it in check, because when the ego gets out of control, then we can end up in a place of bragging, boasting, or self-righteousness.

Give Without Expectation

The way of the Tao is unlimited giving, like how nature is always providing for us exactly what we need. The sun shines on all people without judgment, and never asks for anything in return. When we can also give without expectation, we are in alignment with nature and the Tao. I have so loved the following poem by Hafiz after first discovering it a few years ago and posting it online several times myself, and it has always resonated deeply with me. I feel it is perfect that Dr. Dyer chose to insert it in his dialogue on this verse.

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe

What happens
With a love like that,

It lights the

Do Good Even When No One is Watching

While reading this I was reminded of wise advice: to always do good even when no one is watching. When we are coming from ego, we may do good and give because we know we may be praised for it, our ego will get a boost from being recognized for our good deeds. But a true character of living in the state of giving without expectation, is to give and do good even when we think no one is watching. We can find ourselves pleasantly surprised, that we may actually have been ‘watched’ because our acts trickled on to help someone, or just the energies of the universe knew we were giving without expectation or ego, and we receive something in return even if it’s not linearly. Everything is energy.

And we also find that when we are giving without expectation, all that we need, and more!, is given to us. And for that, we must always remember to be grateful.

Be Grateful

As Dr. Wayne Dyer states, “Practice silently repeating I thank You throughout your waking hours, and as you fall asleep and awaken.” Taking time to feel and express our gratitude every day is very powerful. When we are taking the time to look at what we are grateful for in our lives, the more we will find to be grateful about, and the more we will receive.

Take time to check your ego urges, and ask how can I give today. “Inner approval is healthy and pure, while self-righteous boasting is simply superfluous.”


gratitude and generosityWhy do you think it’s important to be generous with your good deeds even when no one is looking? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Sandy Root

    I’ve had opportunities appear this week to practice these principles, or am I just noticing the opportunities more thanks to this hangout discussion? Hmmm.. Lol.

    A couple days ago, I was walking along, and luckily was looking down at that moment so I just missed stepping on an earthworm on the sidewalk. He seemed to be lost, trying to dig himself into the sidewalk. I walked on for a bit thinking I hope no one steps on him, and soon turned around to see what I could do. Found a stick nearby, he eventually crawled up on it, and I found it some nice soil to dig into again.

    In that moment, I also realized I think many times people don’t do these things because they may feel embarrassed or something, cause I caught myself in a moment like that, when I knew there was a man on his balcony right behind where I was helping the earthworm. So it felt even better once I did it, to get over the ‘whatever feeling’ that almost stopped me.

    Then today as I was walking to my office, I noticed a tree smoldering a bit. It didn’t seem like a big deal, but I lingered around for a few minutes to see if it was getting worse. Some people walked by here and there, and sorta looked at the smoke like ‘wtf?” but then they would continue on. After a few more minutes, it seemed to be getting worse, and no one seemed to be doing anything, so I called the firemen, and shortly after they were walking down the street with a big water cooler. yay!

  • usually that 2 cents worth become and million $$$ worth of what we really don’t what to share, but the damn ego just gets in way sometimes.

  • I’m watching the replay right now and wow, this was good. I wish I could’ve made it but had things going on at work. I love the Revision idea Sandy, I never have heard it that way. My issue is my ego usually gets the best of me when it come to my family. with other people I can usually be the more calm person and trying to see things from their perspective, but with my family it just seems to push my buttons and the ego runs amuck and then I continue in that loop like you guys said. I now understand how to revise that loop to help me in the future.

  • Thanks for coming Everyone!! Have an Awesome Week!

  • Cant get back sorry guys. Giving without expectation is a lesson everyone will face as their business grows and they get more money to give. I have found it is easy to give, not quite so easy to give and not have attachments to what its spent on etc. Once again Ego arises LOL

  • I cant get FB open to get to the link

  • sorry guys lost internet trying to get back

  • Christopher Camp

    I think there’s some kind of equal & opposite reaction,sort of like karma, from the Universe, from within and without, we would be wise to check our humilty & gratitude, Like what Jasons’ saying, where do the ego, self & pride differentiate philisophically. Great post Sandy!

  • Karen Lohof

    Mornin’, mornin’! “Our egos want to be recognized, it’s part of what the ego wants. The ego is not a ‘bad’ thing, it wants to protect us, but we have to keep it in
    check, because when the ego gets out of control, then we can end up in a
    place of bragging, boasting, or self-righteousness.” So, can you see me now?

  • Christopher Camp

    Jaya Kali Ma! LOL!

  • Sandy Root

    Good morning!

  • Goood Moooorning!!

  • Good Morning!

  • Great post Sandy! I always loved that poem too! For real…Imagine if Nature was as stingy with us as we are with others LOL We wouldn’t make it a week! I think its important to be generous when no one is looking because your heart knows and God knows and thats pretty much all that matters.