Feel the void and discover what’s at the hub of your being.

Feel the Void: Tao Te Ching verse 11 week 13 Saturday Morning Mastermind


Hello Everyone! Welcome to this week’s discussion topic “Living from the Void” from the book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer – Change your thoughts – Change your Life! Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

“Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub; it is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges”

Feel the void: What makes a puzzle come alive?

What makes up a puzzle and what make it whole?

When we look at the layout at the start of a puzzle, we can see all the different pieces scattered about on the empty surface that you’re using.  The pieces really don’t mean anything unless they’re fitted together, but it wouldn’t be a puzzle if they didn’t come apart either.

This is what makes the puzzle come alive and reveal the fullness of what it’s about.

It’s like the hub of a wheel having all the spokes converging to come together to make the wheel useful. So to sum up this first part of the verse- separated parts (pieces) lack the usefulness that the whole contributes.

“Shape clay into a vessel; it is the space within that makes it useful.”

Feel the void: What makes a person, a person?

So to carry this thought further, we are all made up of pieces, but in this case our pieces are the bones that make the framework of that which make us well, US!

We all have bones, organs, and rivers of fluid that are encapsulated by a huge sheet of skin that is molded to hold us together. When we bring all the parts together, what is it that  makes us, us really and truly?

I believe that it’s the essence that’s breathed into us. If we didn’t have that void, or the space available within us to put our brain, our organs, and the essence of who we are, how would we function and think?


Feel the void: What makes music so beautiful?

In the book, Dr. Dyer once had a composer tell him “The silence from which each note emerges is more important than the note itself” Why is this?

Without the spacing of the notes, all you would have is a run of notes. The music wouldn’t be the beautiful different pieces of music we have available to us today. Without the space between the notes, you would have only chaos!


Feel the Void: Experience the space within yourself

In the book, it is also suggests that we look inside our own selves to see our empty space that’s filled up with who we are. It suggests that we take time to sit down, cut out all the distractions, and listen to the  nonbeingness of our bodies. It says to let it flow and just allow things to come to us. Don’t force any thoughts. Simply, let the pure love activate our unique usefulness by feeling the void inside.

In closing, let’s slow down and take time to really, get to know ourselves better. Try to go to your ‘placeless place’ (The center of your being, that is covered by by our shell which keep us together) and learn how to flow invisibly through your physical being.

This is the purpose of learning to meditate and being in the silence. Invite your essence to reveal itself. Allow yourself to feel the Void and experience the center of your heart.

Over to you, what do YOU think this verse is telling us about living from the void?

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This is week 13 of our Saturday Morning Mastermind study of “Change your thoughts Change your life” by Wayne Dyer

Read Chapter 11 – Living from the Void

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Read the verse and chapter 11 of Change Your Thoughts, Change your life then tell us what you think the Tao Te Ching is trying to teach us about feeling the void.

feel the void

  • Great verse! Love your guys thoughts on it! Yes, most are looking to fill the void rather than expand it. People get very uncomfortable when there is silence in a conversation. Some cannot stand silence at all. My Parents have the tv or something on all the time. I myself prefer the silence. I love music but music that is constant notes with no space in between can be overstimulating. The melody comes from the spaces as much as the notes. I Love the clay vessel, without the emptiness it would be a paperweight LOL I’m with you Karen, really love that last line. Think about it, nothing would be useful if there wasn’t a need. It can turn into quite a rabbit hole if you let it. In order to have a “successful” career as a Healer, does that mean people must be sick? For those of us who carry Peace in our hearts (most of the time lol) were the wars and suffering necessary to make the comparison? How do we know Joy without first knowing Sadness? The verse is also a clue for those of us who are entrepreneurs. Rather than study and rehearse an hour long presentation, try asking questions, find a “need” and fill it! Be a problem solver not a salesperson. Sometimes what you don’t say is more important than what you do 🙂

  • Thanks Chris and Karen!

  • Awesome Discussion today and got some great insights and learned a couple of things to help me move forward.

  • Karen Lohof

    I’m really liking the last line: “the usefulness of what is depends on what is not”. As you were last talking, Samantha (before just ahead of Sandy, ack ack – I can’t type fast enough) I thought about how people are told they drink, overeat, etc., etc. they’re just trying to fill the void inside. How positive a way to look at that (rather than most of us looking for our childhood goblins being at fault) is to seek diligently at what and who we are within (and not within) for our purpose — not just over all but as Christina was saying: “I think there’s a purpose for me I’m not understanding in the moment but I’m going for it” and I’ll text my friend no matter the hour.

  • I loved your house analogy Samantha, that really kinda help things out for me with this void, and meditation for cleaning out an dealing with things in our life without all the busyness of the world creeping in.

  • Sandy Root

    This is good video why he won’t give his kids cell phones, and about going into the sadness/ the emptiness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HbYScltf1c

  • Sandy Root

    “Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours.” ~* Zen quote

    • I heard that in essence about one of the first presidents that he you pray in the morning and then retire at 9 at night to go an pray again for an hour at night.

  • Chris Camp

    Hey Jason, good morning all!

  • Sandy Root

    Good morning!

  • Chris Camp

    Hey friends, good morning! I think my camera works now.

    • Welcome Chris!! Let’s do a test this week so you can jump on with us next time!!

      • Chris Camp


  • Donna Allen

    When you read this verse it quickly reminds you. Of who you are without all of the Noise vs Void.
    The Void “Allow” will confirm to you it’s perfect without a name , age, career, or label or brand if you will.

    Reminds me when I would hear others and myself say this at times. ” I would love to go where no one knows me or knows my name”. You can….

    • Interesting way of looking at it Donna!

    • Cool thought Donna, I didn’t look at it that way, but now that you say that it could be looked at that way, I like that perspective.

  • This is an interesting topic! I was doing a little research about ‘the void’ and many people search for “how to fill the void”
    It made me realize there are tons of people who think the void they feel is something bad or like something is missing.
    I hope that this mastermind can reach some of the people that feel this way because I think folks need to know that the quiet space inside is the key to connecting to the divine part of themselves that can guide them through the difficulty they experience in life.

    You’re right Dan, learning to meditate and connecting with that silent part of yourself is key to feeling the true essence of your self. I think alot of people struggle with meditation because they think they should ‘hear’ or ‘see’ something specific but simply being quiet and letting thoughts drift away so you can allow yourself to experience the quiet space for a little while is really all you need to do.

    I love your puzzle analogy! It’s funny how we don’t realize how many things depend on nothingness in order to be something amazing!

    It’s the same way with paintings, if it wasn’t for the contrast between light or empty space and the dark or colored spaces there would be no picture!

    This verse is such a great reminder that we need all the aspects in order to have a whole, and so it follows we must need that quiet space inside us too!

    Thanks for a great article Dan!

    • Donna Allen

      Been there in thoughts with this one too Samantha, “It made me realize there are tons of people who think the void they feel is something bad or like something is missing”.

      Thank you for going a step future to explore that.