Donna Allen

My name is Donna Allen,

I was born and raised in Lumberton NC…where we got our native name Lumbee Indian. I am the second of four children. I had wonderful loving parents. My childhood was simple; yet, taught the value of hard work.

When not in school, we were in the fields working My Father and uncles were farmers. Then before bed did my home work assignments. My high school days where fun. I drove a school bus and worked partime which earned me my first car.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet ~ Aristotle

I married at the age of 20. I worked in the factory, health care and as a public school bus driver. In the early 80’s I was invited by some close friends to go to a meeting and had no idea what I was going to see. It was an Amway meeting. That was when I realized that there was an entrepreneur side of me that was different.

A bit later, my father and I had a paper route together. Then I moved into direct sales in which I was advised to go and take a business course at my local community college. I had my own office and a small team that made a difference in our community selling air purifiers. I earned my first live event and plane trip for the most sales on my team.

Things started changing for me. I went through a divorce. My Parents grew very ill. I assisted in helping them for a period of time. Working a full time job and had some health issues that arised and realized myself I was born with an issue that would effect my quality of life.

Not to many years ago I decided to try and learn some computer skills. That began my journey to search for a B plan. I knew that my physical body would no longer support a full time job or income. At this point in my life I’ve learned a great deal of what I really want to do. My parents would always say to me follow your dreams and they knew I had a passion to help others.

donna allen

While on the Internet one night I came across SMM. At the time, I had started a little group discussion. I quickly connected and sensed that this group was already doing what I had idea of and decided to join with them in early march of 2015.

One thing I’ve learned is this, nothing happens by accident. ┬áBeing simple is not easy. I may not have the best of education, yet this is where the good ole common sense makes up for it. With that being said come join us it’s a great community and safe place to hangout at and learn from others perspectives.

I feel such a connection of energy with this community. The support and being a book reader makes for a fun hour of coffee with other book reading friends.

I’d love to connect you!

Here’s where you can find me…