What does it really take to discover greatness in ourselves?

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Discover greatness …

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What does it mean to achieve greatness?

A little boy or girl dreams of being great one day. A man or woman strives to discover greatness in the eyes of others. People from all walks of life overcome difficult odds to achieve success in there own great ways. How do you describe Greatness? Some people are looked upon as great because of the number of people they command, the size of the company they control, the power they wield over others, or the ways that they use that power.

Is there a Way to “discover greatness” of a new kind within ourselves?

Some are called great because of the honors they received. Yet, in “Change Your Thoughts- Change Your Life, Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, the 34th verse of the Tao Te Ching, suggests to discover greatness in an entirely different manor. It suggests that it is not enough to be great. That truly great things never stop to receive accolade for their greatness. Perhaps they are too busy being great.  Or maybe that true greatness is so great that it would find its own greatness, mediocre. LOL.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer suggests to discover greatness by seeing the “Great Way” as an Unassuming, All Powerful, All encompassing Kick Ass force of which we and everything that exists is also a part of, though it asks nothing of us.

Is this verse suggesting that being humble can help us discover greatness?

The Great Way is said to be A Great force that flows through everything and everyone. It is a force that is essentially our source. We are of it and it of us. Is there more?

discover greatnessWhat is your definition of True Greatness? Have you ever experienced the flow of the Tao in your life? What are your thoughts about it?

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