Change your thoughts Change your life by Wayne Dyer

Living the wisdom of the Tao: Saturday Morning Mastermind Discussion Week 1

Change your thoughts change your life by Wayne Dyer – Living the wisdom of the Tao

Saturday Morning Mastermind: Week 1

Meet us here for a LIVE discussion Dec 5th at 10am EST

This week we’re beginning a new book “Change your thoughts Change your life by Wayne Dyer – Living the wisdom of the Tao

Join us for our weekly mastermind discussion, help us teach others and also learn how to apply the wisdom of the Tao in your life.

Need a copy of the book? Get one for as little as $1.95 plus s&h by visiting this link *
*when you purchase the book through our link Powells book store will pay us a small commission for referring you. You’ll be supporting the Saturday Morning Mastermind and Mindset Mastery Collective. Thank You!

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Read the preface and skim through to get an idea of what this book is about. Then share your thoughts on what you think would be the best method for studying this book as a group.

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Pre-Mastermind discussion…

(add your thoughts in the comment section at the end of this post)

Here’s some questions to get you started.

  • This book includes all 81 verses of the Tao and Wayne Dyer’s ideas on what each verse means. Would you like to have an opportunity to share what you think each verse means before we discuss what Wayne thinks? In other words, take two Saturday sessions to thoroughly discuss each verse.
  • Do you feel the pre-mastermind section on each of these live broadcast pages is enough for you to share all your thoughts, or would you like the opportunity to submit a guest post, article, or video to be included on this site?
  • What other thoughts do you have about studying this book?
  • BG Jenkins

    Thanks everyone

  • Too bad we can’t post images here. BG, I just did a photo of your comment, which I also thought was great. I’ll post it on your Fb Timeline, which is also my seeking your permission to share it, altho, if you like it please post it on this page as I either don’t know how to or don’t have the ok to. Thanks!

    • Tag me in the photo too Karen so I can grab it.
      That’s another thing I’ll look into for the commenting. It would be good if we could post images here too.

  • anyone listening in on the mastermind, have you read this book and what experience have you had with it?

  • These last several comments and beginning with Samantha answering Julia’s question about time frame really have made me wish there was a transcribing ability (better than You Tubes bottom level) associated with these hang outs. There’s meat to everyone’s thoughts that would be nice to be able to chew on later.

    • Thanks for your input and we are looking into that for in the future.

    • Yes! I would love to have someone transcribe the videos for us! That would be awesome!

  • BG Jenkins


  • Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the Saturday Morning Mastermind

  • Mornin’, mornin’! Excited!

  • Hello everyone! Glad you’re here!

  • Good Morning!!! 🙂 So glad to be back!

  • Hello to you all..

  • Good Morning!!

  • Ready to get my change on and start delving into this book, I just ordered it thourgh the Saturday Morning Mastermind link for ordering the book through Powell’s. so it will be here in a few days.

  • BG Jenkins

    Hey Guys… I just read the preface… I’m looking forward to this. One concept which I really love is “staying quiet…enjoy…let others think you are dumb… while you enjoy.” Makes me think of Jesus…in the Bible, he was accused and remained quiet. How hard that is for many of us… it’s at those times most of us want to lash out and say, “NO, I’m not dumb! I’m this, I’m that. But, if you are secure enough to know who you are…and what you are attached to and remain silent through the accusations and insults of others… then you really believe in yourself and in Who you are attached to. For if you know who you are…then it doesn’t really matter who others think you are. (Although, I do think it’s nice to be well thought of. lol.)

    • Loved that BG! Something everyone should definitely learn.
      Imagine if everyone thought that way, not only would people stop trying to defend themselves but they would stop talking crap about other people too – because what would be the point? You can’t hurt someone with words if they only believe in the truth they know about themselves.

      • BG Jenkins


    • I love this BG

    • I was a bit late on getting the book. For good reason. I have it ordered. Just in case it’s not here before this next hangout. I’m chewing on what BG Jenkins wrote here! Good stuff!

  • I am Really looking forward to this book! Miss him but he lives on through us <3

  • Looking forward to this book! I think everyone has so much to share. I’d love to have everyone tell us what they think each verse means before we discuss Wayne Dyer’s thoughts.
    Learning everyone’s perspectives gives us so much more opportunity for growth and insights.
    I think our community and future readers/viewers could benefit hugely if everyone who reads and studies the book with us would take a few minutes to either create a video or write a few paragraphs for each chapter of this book.
    Everyone could share them here in the comment section and then I could compile them to create related blog posts.
    Or, If anyone would like to be a regular contributor, I could set up an author account for you to create your own blog posts related to the topics.
    What do you think?