The crazy simple secret to being content with life

Being content with life: Tao Te Ching verse 3 week 5 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Being content with life starts with becoming aware of untruths

Being content with life is hard if you keep thinking it will come from external things. But, ever since you were young you’ve been taught to place great value on achievements and things outside yourself.

You’ve been told you’ll be happy if you get the gold star, achieve straight ‘A’s, be the best athlete, get your driver’s license, get into a good college, marry the right person, have couple children, own a big home, drive a fancy car, make alot of money, own your own company, etc… The list is endless.

If you continue to believe that achievements or things will make you happy, you’ll always have to accomplish more and acquire more in order to experience the feeling of happiness.

Focusing on obtaining more objects encourages external factors to have control over us; Pursuit of status, blinds us to our relationship to the eternal Tao, along with the contented life that is available.
~ Wayne Dyer

You will work harder and harder and push yourself more and more all for the purpose of getting the things you think will make you happy. The struggle to someday be happy when you get enough stuff will go on forever and you will never be able to reach your goal.

The great thing is, this is only a belief.

Being content with life comes from inside

Right now, you can choose to realize this belief is not true and free yourself from the constant struggle to always be working to GET MORE.

Have you ever noticed that the happiness new things seem to bring is short lived?
This is because things don’t create happiness, you do.

You may have a long list of goals that you believe will provide you with contentment when they’re achieved, yet if you examine your state of happiness in this moment, you’ll notice that the fulfillment of some previous ambitions didn’t create an enduring sense of joy. ~ Wanye Dyer

Being content with life is not as hard as it may seem.

Being content with life starts with gratitude. We’re not telling you that desiring more things is bad, but if your goal is to become more content in life, you must change what you focus on.

Cultivating gratitude is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase contentedness with your life.

Every time you put your focus on the things you are grateful for, you instantly boost your level of happiness and contentment.

Bring gratitude to every moment of life by thinking about the things you appreciate and you will always feel a sense of contentment no matter what challenges you face.

Ever heard the saying “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way“? It’s the same for being content with life. When you focus on contentment by thinking of things you’re grateful for, being content with life is easy!

What do you think? Is being content with life as easy as changing your focus?


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This is week 5 of our Saturday Morning Mastermind study of
Change your thoughts Change your life” by Wayne Dyer

Read Chapter 3 – Living Contentment

Then Meet us here for a LIVE discussion January 16th at 10am EST

Verse 3 of The Tao Te Ching teaches us about the dangers of placing value on things and shares a powerful lesson about rearranging your priorities to ensure contentment. Read the verse and chapter 3 of Change Your Thoughts, Change your life then tell us what you think the Tao Te Ching is trying to teach us about being content with life.

being content with life

Tell us what YOU think.

Here’s some questions to get you started.

  1. What do you think the Tao is trying to tell us in this verse?
  2. Why do you think people are so focused on accumulating stuff?
  3. Do you think having more stuff will make you more content?
  4. How do you cultivate feelings of contentment?
  5. Is being content with life easy or hard for you? Why?

Prefer to listen to an audio? You can find us on Soundcloud too!

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  • Loved this last weeks hangout, I just watched replay. I believe that when we realize that when we give love without conditions, we are showing the love that we unconsciously want and desire in our lives, when we feel in lack it’s because we have again with our mind cut off the conduit from the Master (God, Supreme Intelligence, Universe that flows through us to other. I believe that we are the conduit that flows to and from us to others, just as others are the conduit that flows to and from use hence why we are all more connected than we realize.

  • Great discussion today! Thank you everyone! It was Wonderful to have a full panel again 🙂 If you would like to be on the panel sometime please let us know, we would Love to have you!

  • Donna Allen

    Thank you, Julia for your will to serve the panel and host the call today. What an amazing book that we are discussing and reading! So many need to be reminded in more ways than one.

    We are to “Serve” to the best of our ability. As the Tao reads “Remind yourself daily that there is no way to happiness; rather, happiness is the way”.

  • so are you just serving to serve, or are you purposeful with your serving so that way you can be of maximum impact on the lives around you?

    • I try to remember to do everything with purpose. Like if I’m doing Art, each stroke is dedicated to something like when I eat, I intend that it not only nourish and heal my body but the bodies of All those who hunger. This helps me prepare more healthful food and appreciate and be in Gratitude for every bite when I eat. <3

  • The Ego as you say can really get in the way and we don’t realize it sometimes

  • good morning everyone and welcome to today’s mastermind

  • Good Morning Everyone 🙂

  • Good morning!

  • Roger Laidig

    “Less is more and more is less.” Stephen Covey

    It seems like when we push hard to achieve and gain things that are material or based on other people’s expectations, we will be disappointed probably sooner than later. And the result will be a more stressful life, won’t it?

    A mentor once suggested that it would be good to change my ‘goals’ to ‘desires’. Then work on the things that I can influence and trust God (The Universe) for the results. For me it seems like I’m much more content when I approach life this way. And I actually achieve this by doing less and accomplishing more.

    • Thanks for the Stephen Covey quote Roger!
      I agree! when we are always trying to please others it takes us away from our own true purpose, and that is always stressful in my opinion!

      Good idea about goals vs desires.
      If you look at ‘goals’ as coming from the ego side of you and desires as coming from the inspired or spirit side of you, you can see where the frustration and stress comes from. Ego tries to force it to happen whereas Inspiration leads the way to it happening naturally or almost as if it just happens by coincidence.

      Being driven by ego causes fatigue and struggle where as allowing spirit to lead you through inspiration, is easy.

      • Roger Laidig

        Well said!

  • LOLOL I have to laugh because just before coming over here I was in so much Gratitude and even sharing with a friend how Grateful I am. This morning I had some “untrue” thoughts that sucked me into some Fear (false evidence appearing real). I allowed myself some time in the emotion, loved the one who was scared but then did some work on it and brought myself out of it. The thoughts were not true. Plain and Simple. I also knew to go to Gratitude and it was Easy for me because I was hungry and I had a delicious healthy salad and some bread!! I haven’t had bread for 10 months (maybe once or twice) so I was REALLY GRATEFUL LOL I know that sounds silly but seriously…when I eat, my prayer is that the food nourish, heal and fill my belly and all those who hunger. I energetically “share” with all those who need it so I am Always in a Huge state of Gratitude when I’m eating anyway but today was an extra treat! LOL So yes, it’s easy for me to be Content with Life. In fact, living semi off-grid the way I do and the simplistic lifestyle that I lead, I would say I’m a Pro at Contentment 🙂 LOL Not to say I wouldn’t love hot running water again! But I guess the point is, I don’t have to have it to be Happy. Dealing with physical challenges and pain steals many peoples happiness but it appears we are going to make it through and live each day at least until the last one and if we are in “chronic pain” (don’t call it that!) we can either live it in pain and be miserable or live it in pain and be happy. We can either believe the thought that this is permanent and there is nothing that can help or we can believe that truthfully…even though it seems like it could be and our doctors said it would be…no one really knows that when we wake up the next day the pain will still be there. There is a possibility that something could change through the night and for whatever reason we could wake up pain free! It could happen! In fact, it could happen in any moment! What are we focused on? To me this verse also points to what are we focused on? Our Status? Our Possessions or Lack of them? I have experienced theft and I would agree, I was holding too tightly. Not displaying what is desireable could cover many things from being boastful to being scantily clad LOL either way don’t tempt people. The Sage governs by emptying minds and hearts…yes…our minds are always on a quest for information but the True Peace comes when we can allow all of that knowledge to just float away and we can rest in the space of contentment within our hearts. Ambitions fade as we realise most of them are geared towards things that we think will make us happy but it brings great strength to our bones when we realise that our destiny, our happiness, regardless of circumstance, is completely in our hands, it’s a choice. Practice not doing…LOL most of us are multi-doing All the time! and it can bring satisfaction but again the True Peace comes from not doing and observing that the world still revolves…there is a living force that animates all of it, regardless of what we do or dont do…the breath still comes and there is a profound peace in knowing that it’s not all on our shoulders <3

    • Well said Katherine!! You always have the most wonderful way of expanding and explaining things in such a powerful way!

      I was wondering what was meant by ‘strengthening bones’ and I think you got it spot on!

      I started reading a psychology book yesterday called “a guide to rational living” by Albert Ellis and Robert Harper (I learned about it from Wayne Dyer in one of his books)

      At the beginning of the book it talks about how they help people overcome emotional distress with something called semantic therapy. Basically it’s a method of changing our self talk by switching around or replacing the words we say to ourselves in order to change what we’re focused on.

      What you did there with the words you say about your pain is an excellent example of doing just that!!

      • Thank you! I will have to look that one up! I’m sure the same lesson is taught in many books and called many things, still boils down to change your thoughts! LOL

  • Donna Allen

    I found that the confirmation of “How can I serve you” was reminding me of the fact, that is what and where I personally found happy moments without feeling guilty. Makes for a life of contentment and starve the “Ego” and let go of what is not serving!

  • Being content with life is easy for me. So much so that I sometimes have feelings of guilt come up because I can be happy and satisfied when other people in my life are not. Talk about being taught bad beliefs! How crazy is it that some of us are so ‘programmed’ to think that we should suffer in life, that when we are happy, we find reasons to feel bad about it!!

  • “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ― Socrates
    This quote about sums it up wouldn’t you say?