Why you should be living an unhurried life

An Unhurried life: Tao Te Ching verse 15 week 17 Saturday Morning Mastermind

Is it possible to live an unhurried life?

Do you ever feel like your life is on a NASCAR speedway…Flying by you with looming catastrophe around every corner? You are not alone. With today’s fast paced, immediate gratification culture most people feel living an unhurried life is impossible.

So much is missed and gratitude dismissed in a hurried life. This post will discuss the 15th verse of the Tao, which offers the wisdom of living in touch with nature’s guidance.

“He who keeps the Tao does not want to be full. But precisely because he is never full, he can remain like a hidden sprout and does not rush to early ripening.”

In short, the message revealed in this verse is both simple and profound. Simply put, slow down and allow nature to guide you into living an unhurried life. Lao-tzu paints an amazing picture to drive home the point.

As he shared, imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful scene of fresh white snow. As you walk across a frozen pond, you slow your breathing along with each step so that you can hear a potential crack in the ice. Can you see it? You are literally relying on nature to guide each step. That’s the way verse 15 suggests you should navigate each day of your life.

The way to an unhurried life comes from within

Have you ever tried to make a decision when you were overwhelmed? You probably found that you got more frustrated and overwhelmed as you gain more information right? You probably even found yourself lashing out or breaking down in a fit…Sound familiar?

The good news is that you already have the seeds you need inside (checkout the short video).

Like a plant in a garden, you just have to nurture the seeds. When you still yourself and submit to nature, you are able to really consider the answers that exist in your environment.

Indeed, you are able to hear that God voice within when you stop trying to control things with your limited knowledge and understanding of what’s going on.


Where do you start? by Christina Ervin


Doubt that outlook? Think back to the last time you were running late and couldn’t find your car keys. You were probably in a frenzy until you calmed down and decided to retrace your steps from the last time you had the keys in your hand. The keys appeared almost like magic didn’t they?

It’s natural to live an unhurried life

Proof, you are more in tuned when you aren’t using precious bandwidth on several other things…When you trust nature will guide you in the direction you are meant to go.

Pay close attention to that last line…Nature will guide you “where you are meant to go.” It’s divine order which is why your false control only adds to life chaos.

Living an Unhurried life Summary

You don’t have to live in an ashram or hug trees to get in tuned with nature. Being in tuned with nature and being still is a simple way of saying manage your energy and slow down enough to notice the answers and guidance around you.

4 tips to help you begin living an unhurried life:

  1. Understand that you aren’t in ultimate control as much as you dream you are
  2. Be patient with your journey
  3. Commit to spending time daily to get quiet and connect with nature (your innernost thoughts and environment)
  4. Express gratitude

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