How to live a Divinely inspired life.

A Divinely inspired life: Tao Te Ching verse 21 week 23 Saturday Morning Mastermind

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 Chapter 21 of “Change your thoughts, Change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer

Want to live a Divinely inspired life?

Verse 21 of the Tao Te Ching asks us to shift our attention from what we think we know to that elusive force within ourselves that we don’t know, so that we can truly know MORE.

Sounds like a contradiction, Right?

But the truth is, this source is where all creativity comes from. So wouldn’t you want to allow THE SOURCE to guide you to live a divinely inspired life?

It says…

“How do I know the ways of all things at the Beginning? I look inside myself and see what is within me”

Lao Tzu is referring to the source of all things. Not just ‘God’ in general terms, but the actual force inside us that is the source of all our actions, words, feelings, etc. It is the source of everything that we experience.

To recognize this force Wayne asks us to…

Right now make a simple decision to move your index finger. Now wiggle your toes. Next, lift your arm. Finally, ask yourself, What is it that allows me to make these movements? In other words, what is it that allows you to see shapes and colors? What force behind your eyes invisibly signals you to process the sky as blue or a tree as tall? What is the formless energy that tweaks a vibration somewhere in your ear to give rise to sound?

When you contemplate and connect with this source energy regularly, allowing it to guide you vs all the stuff you stress and worry about, you gain more peace in your life, things become easier, and worry just falls away.

It makes is so you don’t have to constantly think about every little detail and plan out every second of every day.

Wayne tells us to “Ask for guidance and meditate on it’s sacredness

The more you do it, the more connected and guided you become.

You feel safe and secure knowing that you’re in a Diving partnership with the all knowing and all providing Tao

Here’s an example of how I’m living a divinely inspired life

Each week as you may have noticed recently, one of our community members is scheduled to share their thoughts with us about the week’s chapter and verse. We’ve all been taking turns sharing our insights so that we all can learn and grow together much faster.

Generally, the author of the week provides me with a ready to publish post on Tuesday so that I can add all the event details and publish by Tuesday evenings.

However, This week our author had some life and family obligations that made it impossible for her to write a post of us this week. She tried to let me know as early as she could on Monday, but unfortunately I didn’t see her message until Tuesday.

Now, I could have panicked. I could have gotten myself all stressed out about what to write in this blog post. I could have been mad or frustrated or worried. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to do. That’s how most people would react. But, that isn’t helpful and it’s definitely not going to help me live a divinely inspired life.

So instead, I just quieted my mind. I simply asked for guidance KNOWING that everything is divinely perfect. I expected that all the words for this post would be given to me so that I could write it 1st thing Wednesday morning and everything would be OK.

And so it is… 🙂

All of these words came to me without me stressing out or worrying!

When you purposefully clear away all the thoughts that you think you should have, all the to-do lists, all the mumbo jumbo that you repeat over and over in your mind trying to prepare yourself for this action or that event, and practice instead quieting your mind chatter and connecting with the divine inside of you, everything you do will feel easier and more natural.

You will then be living a divinely inspired life, free from stress and worry!!

“Thank you God, for allowing these words to appear, supposedly from my pen. I know that the source of everything, including these words, is the elusive and intangible Tao”
~ Wayne Dyer

Do you live a divinely inspired life? Have you ever had an experience where you let go of worry and simply allowed yourself to be guided from within?

Tell us what happened in the comment section below and help us encourage more people to begin living a divinely inspired life!

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